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CONFESS: Out With The Old, In With The New...

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For six years Denver and Lucky raised hell together with us and therefore we want to thank them and wish them nothing but the best, they surely will be missed! But now it's time to look forward and take Confess to new heights! As from today, a new chapter in Confess’s history begins. It's time for us to proudly present the new members to you, give it up for:
On guitar: RICHIE
On bass: VAN NOICE
We’re beyond thrilled to have these two maniacs on board and we can't wait for you all to see them in action! A new era for Confess has begun, the new blood is boiling and a new album is in progress, so let's fucking make 2016 a year to remember!



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From FB:

So folks....how you've been?
Finally the time has come for us to release our brand new album called ”HAUNTERS”
The album will be out on digital platforms all around the world on March 1 and on CD March 3 via SG records.
And for the first time ever we’ll be releasing an album on vinyl via Diabolic Might Records on March 10 ( first 100 copies will come in a colored special version) pre order links will soon be posted.
If that wasn't enough we're releasing the single "Strange kind of affection" on January 25. Suck on that

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Basically one of my most anticipated albums all year....but will it be released in 2016?

Now one of my most anticipated in 2017.


Literally cannot wait to hear this.

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