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King Company (ex-No Man's Land) - One For The Road


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Press release from Frontiers Music:


Frontiers Music Srl is excited to present to the world the talents of another newcomer from the cold lands of Finland – introducing KING COMPANY!

Formerly known as No Man`s Land, KING COMPANY features some well known names and faces of the finnish Hard Rock and Metal scene, including Pasi Rantanen (THUNDERSTONE *OFFICIAL*) on vocals, Antti Wirman (Warmen) on guitars, Jari Pailamo on keyboards, Time Schleifer (ENFΔRCE)on bass and Mirka Rantanen (Kotipelto, Thunderstone) on drums.

The band says: "From the beginning our dream was to get a deal from Frontiers, because not only there are so many legendary rock bands in the same label, but most importantly they are really focused on our style of classic and melodic hard rock music", says drummer Mirka Rantanen. "We feel that at Frontiers they really know how to push this kind of music for the people, they really like every band they have signed, and do this with a big heart like we do. Together we can show to the world that classic hard rock - or heavy rock, how ever you want name it - isn`t really dead yet, it`s still alive and kickin'! We are looking forward for the cooperation with Frontiers Records and can´t wait to begin this chapter. It will be a great moment to release our first album, so stay tuned guys, spread the word and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. One for the road dudes!"

Frontiers is really excited about developing new killer talent and looks forward to releasing King Company’s debut album sometime in the summer of 2016.


But it’s not about the names here, but about the music! Excited by the first bunch of songs that were presented to the label, Frontiers’ President Serafino Perugino pretty much signed the band after first listen! Judge for yourself after hearing the grandiose Melodic Hard Rock sound of these two demo tracks:

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  • My Little Pony

Only ever heard the first song when you started this thread, and I recall enjoying it back then. But that second song is so much better. I love that groove.

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Not bad... a bit of prog influence there which actually wrecks the song, to be honest, but there's a glimmer in there. Not one I'll be looking forward to, but something maybe worth checking out.

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Yeah, I dunno mate, sounds like Magum. 25 years ago that may have been a compliment but it's not now. It is better than them at the moment, but I still don't like it. Just ugly operatic kind of stuff, like Magnum mixed with Ten... but mostly, just bad. :( IMO.

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All my fav tunes are on the second half -


'Farewell' is pretty good, but the real winners are 'Wings of Love' (really nice, and cracking solo), 'Desire' (arse kicker!!) and the last song 'Holding On'


There is promise for a second album if they could produce a whole album like those songs.


Can I just say though that 'Cast Away' is shite.

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    • I'm digging this song.  Good stuff.  Background vocals don't bother me at all here.
    • Yeah, my apologies for not checking there first.  Figured H.E.A.T fans that frequent this section would be interested.
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