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Amboaje - All About Living


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Press release:


All About Living' delivers pure Rock with memorable vocals and a unique style.
Amboaje pronounced (am-bo-age), led by front man Toni Amboaje who is by all accounts a self-taught composer with pure Rock running through his veins,
is a high-energy artist with his feet on the ground.

Amboaje started out as founder and leader of Hard Spirit.
Their debut CD Walk the Wild was named Album of the Month in the journal Rockhard, a first for any Spanish band.
They did a 50 city tour and garnered various best band awards including the prestigious Villa de Bilbao 2007 from among more than 2,000 participants from all over Europe.
Amboaje also took the prize for Best Vocalist in Bilbao.
This afforded Hard Spirit the opportunity to share the stage with top Spanish bands like M-Clan, Pereza, M�go de Oz, Melendi, Gotthard and others.

In 2009-2010 Amboaje held lead singing duties for the alternative rock/metal band Sauze.
Sauze was formed by members of the popular heavy metal bands Avalanchand WarCry.
They recorded two well-received albums and toured in various Spanish cities.

Toni began his solo career in 2011 when his self-penned songs won the XIV Ciudad de Oviedo Rock
Contest. He performed his compositions that year and the following in front of thousands of
people. In 2012 Toni competed successfully in the popular television program "The Voice".
Out of 70,000 participants he reached the finals with his interpretation of Tina Turner's "Simply the Best"
and was one of only 10 singers who were able to conquer all four judges: Melendi, Malu, Rosario and David Bisbal.
For more than five weeks the program was the undisputed leader in media impact on the social networks, with more than 15,000 followers.

For 2015 Toni has put the final touches on his new LP "All About Living" with a super band that bears his name.
A very special collection of unforgettable songs with major collaborations, this is a recording for the ages.

All About Living represents a great jump at all levels and will surely stand as a before and after moment in his career.
A career which boast 10 years as a composer and singer, more than 15,000 albums sold and over 200 concerts vast television experience.
It's safe to say Toni Amboaje's quest to be a unique artist who delivers classic American Rock is realized.













01. Over and Over Again
02. All About Living
03. Rise & Fall with You
04. Able
05. Five Years Gone
06. Gotta Be A Good Girl
07. Something to Say
08. Give Me The Real Thing
09. It’s Always You (w/ Paula Rojo)
10. Feels Like Saturday Night
11. My Heart is Strong
12. Once





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Oh, I remember Hard Spirit well. There was quite a buzz about that album when it was released. I have to admit I listened back to it about a month or two ago and I did wonder what the hell we were all talking about - it's okay, but okay at best.


Two things about the video - his life motto is evidently the one about "dance like no one is watching' or whatever that one is. lol, good luck to him. He looks like he's enjoying himself. And number two, so, uh, holy shit. Who ordered the sex sandwich. Inn't she a bit of a looker?! Oh, and the song... not too bad. A bit more spirited (don't mind the pun) than the Hard Spirit stuff.


That second song is much better. I like that one. Kind of like good Daughtry with an accent. And the decider? Well, I like the third song too. This sounds like it'll definitely be worth checking out.

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  • My Little Pony

On the fence with this one....I do like a few of the tunes but not sure there is enough to buy it. Might just buy the couple songs I like in this case.


It's definitely Daughtry-like with a spanish accent.


How does it compare to H.e.a.t?



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LOL...Aren't you proud of me that I didn't compare it to H.e.a.t :)


That said though...It's clearly not anywhere in the same league :)


On the fence with this one....I do like a few of the tunes but not sure there is enough to buy it. Might just buy the couple songs I like in this case.


It's definitely Daughtry-like with a spanish accent.


How does it compare to H.e.a.t?





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    • I dig the new tune!  Honestly, might be my favorite yet from these guys. I like that this kind of gets away from the  Bon Jovi Country vibe they sometimes had on the debut.  For me, this has a fresh, big sound to it.   Will have the new one on my radar.
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