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Haiduk – Demonicon


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Intetresting... although I think the vocal harmonies on the chorus need an extra layer, and the keyboard riffs could be more prominent. The verses suffer a little bit due to the chainsaw integration being a bit disjointed.

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I'm gonna puck this one up based on the cover alone...looks like something I'd enjoy! ? Dan I couldn't agree with you more about the chainsaw integration...it really is a little disjointed.

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Musically quite sound and obviously super fast and heavy. "Vocally" *gulp* not my bag in the least, never did get the appeal and I always wonder especially with the 2 songs posted why have the singing at all as it is not a prominent element in the music and again quite a far distance from any form of singing?

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Appreciate the feedback.

@martinsane: That's the first time anyone suggested less vocals. I keep the vocals to a minimum and most people wanna hear/expect more. It's not a form of "singing" as far as I see it, more like another instrument.


From some of these comments I'd have thought no one here is familiar with death metal. Then I see that there's Metal section here, listing death metal in the description. This thread should really be moved there!




“Demonicon” Reviews:


BraveWords 8/10



Brutalism 5/5



Canadian Beats 5/5



Voices From the Darkside







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