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  1. Maarten

    Shipping from US to Europe?

    The seller can weigh the CD's, deduct the weight of jewel cases/trays and add the weight of the packing material. Should be easy, unless I'm overseeing something...
  2. Maarten

    Halestorm - Vicious

    Joan Jett meets Metallica...
  3. Maarten


    Boring songs and weak vocals. Heck, I even don't like the album title. They should have called it 'The Waltons'...
  4. Maarten

    Haiduk – Demonicon

    Wow, what an amazing blackened ballad! Great lyrics too!
  5. Maarten

    Walk the Wire - s/t (1994)

    More than a week has passed since I emailed them and I haven't received a reply. Please ask them about international orders next time you visit the store. Thanks!
  6. Maarten

    Walk the Wire - s/t (1994)

    The production/sound quality of the original is far from perfect but still enjoyable. Reading your comment about the reissue, I think you will prefer the first pressing. They pop up on eBay and similar sites occasionally, but almost always expensive. Maybe someone here on HH is willing to sell you a copy for a reasonable price.
  7. Maarten

    Walk the Wire - s/t (1994)

    Thanks MT, I just sent them a message using the email address you suggested.
  8. Maarten

    Walk the Wire - s/t (1994)

    The sound quality of the original pressing sounds fine to me. Haven't heard the remaster though - curious to hear what exactly you didn't like about that one.
  9. Maarten

    Dakota - The Long Road Home

    Sounds like time stood still, in a good way!
  10. Great song. Surely! And the reason it overshadows the rest of the album is because it's one of only two good songs on that whole album anyway. That and 'Queen is in love' are close to perfection on 'Trilogy;' the rest is crap. I really liked that album when I was young! Haven't heard it for a long time and had to refresh my memory... I must agree, two good songs and the rest is standard, pedal-to-the-(neo classical)-metal, with weak chorusses. My favorite Malmsteen album is 'Odyssey' and I wish he would hook up with another good vocalist with songwriting abilities. There were plans for a collaboration with Ronnie James Dio at one point. Too bad that didn't happen, as this could have resulted in some great Rainbow-meets-Sabbath music!
  11. Maarten

    Walk the Wire - s/t (1994)

    I used the one that is on the website: sunrecor@arrakis.es - should that be sunrecords@arrakis.es? A friend of mine here in the Netherlands has mailed them several times, but never got a reply. He then asked a Spanish eBay seller about this, who told him Sun Records does not sell outside of Spain and ignores emails from abroad. I did some CD trading with (I think it was) the owner of Sun Records at the Utrecht recordfair, but that was years ago and I haven't been in contact with him since then. Just recently I googled a CD I was looking for and found it at that website.
  12. Maarten

    Walk the Wire - s/t (1994)

    I would rate them like this: 1. Atlantic 2. Passion Street 3. Walk The Wire A shame those bands never released a follow-up (unless I missed something...). MalcolmTucker, off-topic - but since you are located there, is Sun Records in Madrid still in business? I tried to contact that store, but the email address provided on the site seems to be out of order.
  13. Nice topic! For me it's "Stargazer" from 'Rainbow Rising' and "Gates Of Babylon" (Long Live Rock 'N' Roll). Both albums contain several very good songs and some fillers, but these are two MONSTER tracks that are way better than the others. I have to think about other examples...
  14. Maarten

    Walk the Wire - s/t (1994)

    Yes, good stuff! If you enjoy this band check out Atlantic - Power and Passion Street - Million Miles Away. Same country, same release year, same style...

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