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  1. Hey Dan, I was wondering what's the verdict on the Eco Pro 2, now that you have used it for a longer period of time. I'm VERY tempted to buy one, but it's pricey, so I want to make sure it's worth it by watching videos on YouTube and asking users of this machine for their experience with it. This is a comment on YouTube, reacting on a video and post from someone who was very complimentary about the Eco Pro 2: "Doesnt matter if it looks alot better, 1min not enough to remove deep scratches, it will only remove surface ones which dont actually make the disc not work. I tried most of th
  2. Superb classic rock album; early Foreigner meets Journey!!!
  3. The seller can weigh the CD's, deduct the weight of jewel cases/trays and add the weight of the packing material. Should be easy, unless I'm overseeing something...
  4. Joan Jett meets Metallica...
  5. My girlfriend and I will be visiting Scotland in a month. What did you do/see there? Any tips? You must got to the West coast and maybe visit the islands, Mull, Arran, Skye or tour down the west side and go to Glencoe . This is the route we took over a week, 1600 miles in total and it was fabulous. Thanks for the info and great pics, Jez!
  6. My girlfriend and I will be visiting Scotland in a month. What did you do/see there? Any tips?
  7. Maarten

    Giuntini Project I

    Coincidentally, I checked a sellers feedback today and he got a negative for the same reason you mentioned. Guess there's a bootleg version floating around. Not sure what you meant by 'I can't put it in an eBay thread yet'. Why not? You could put it in this category: Good and Bad Traders, Buyers, and Sellers
  8. Boring songs and weak vocals. Heck, I even don't like the album title. They should have called it 'The Waltons'...
  9. Maarten

    Poor Grammar

    mR. Leykis101DoucheryDad , idid the hoework butt after ur confashion im Compleetly con fused . did eye insult u or retroS[p)am.? Plz explane !
  10. Maarten

    Poor Grammar

    Whassup tBoner? ! u R effin write dood ! i just rered my last post end OMG , i think I mispelt the wurd "" comparing' witch shoot be compairing [with 2 eyes geddit ?) im like SOO emberressed rite now but at thesame time rotflmao.. Geez do u guyz think im alittle anal about my spelskilz or r u like : umm wotever i gess im just alittle insickcure about grammer in generale as english aint not my 1st speak so plz gimme sum tips to badder my talk . Thanks 4 you're time reeding my [smoll} rent end im lookin 4ward 2 ur tips Piece bros...!
  11. Maarten

    Poor Grammar

    No Sir Maarten, LOL, Leykis spells absolutely fine, he is a little anal about his spelling, but that was an excellent jab none the less, I really appreciate your attempt, the approach was grand, timing was killer, and you really put it down there, making certain if you didn't hit that home run, you could still fulfill the bottom end of the insult by leaving it with a Leykis and Sam comparison, making certain you did not bomb the entire insult, that is good thinking, and a killer way to cover your rear end when going for the insult, I highly commend your thinking, good to meet you btw, my name
  12. Maarten

    Poor Grammar

    iF leykis did not road dis it must of bin dad sammccaslin dood, write ??!.
  13. Wow, what an amazing blackened ballad! Great lyrics too!
  14. More than a week has passed since I emailed them and I haven't received a reply. Please ask them about international orders next time you visit the store. Thanks!
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