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  1. –summoner of cosmic darkness– –Exomancer– –conjurer of astral terror– HAIDUK Evil Melodic Black Metal New Album OUT NOW https://haiduk.bandcamp.com “[Haiduk’s] strong point has always been his riffs, and here they just destroy.” -BraveWords “The album is solid, with truly unique and mesmerizing progressions of chords and lead work piled high.” -Contaminated Tones “Laced with intricate diversions into an almost hypnotic, tremolo-world of ever undulating riff patterns” -Worship Metal "
  2. Exomancer Now Streaming at https://haiduk.bandcamp.com
  3. Damn right. It's a well-written review. Thanks. New song from the upcoming full-length - Exomancer - out Oct 17, 2018
  4. Haiduk - death metal solo project with black, thrash, and atmospheric elements 2nd full-length - ‘DEMONICON’ is now available http://www.haiduk.ca https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nulsBC6tnYM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MNzg3i4ACg Check out and comment
  5. All Hail!! blackened death [8/10] metal trenches [9/10] pest webzine [8.5/10] metal crypt [4/5] metal-rules [4/5] harte musik [4/5] http://www.haiduk.ca .........
  6. Appreciate the feedback. @martinsane: That's the first time anyone suggested less vocals. I keep the vocals to a minimum and most people wanna hear/expect more. It's not a form of "singing" as far as I see it, more like another instrument. From some of these comments I'd have thought no one here is familiar with death metal. Then I see that there's Metal section here, listing death metal in the description. This thread should really be moved there! “Demonicon” Reviews: BraveWords 8/10 http://bravewords.com/reviews/haiduk-demonicon Brutalism 5/5 http://www.brutalism.com
  7. Haha, these comments are great. Here's a slow song, with less chainsaws.
  8. Blackened Deathbringer HAIDUK returns with a crushing new Full-length!!! DEMONICON! Out Sept 9, 2015. CD Pre-Order available now at: http://www.haiduk.ca ______________ -Haiduk
  9. Fast as fuck and crushing as hell!! MetalBite [9.2/10] http://www.metalbite...asp?album=10792 Metal Music Archives [8.6/10] http://www.metalmusi...-spellbook.aspx Metal Crypt [4/5] http://www.metalcryp....php?revid=7822 Stalker [8/10] http://www.stalker.c...id=2368&&lang=2 Power of Metal [80] http://www.powerofme...duk_review.html CD at: www.haiduk.ca ________ -Haiduk
  10. “Spellbook” Reviews: BraveWords [8.5/10] http://www.braveword...rdwares/1002140 Metal-Rules [4/5] http://www.metal-rul...=H&year=&pos=15 Loucifer Speaks [90] http://louciferspeak...iduk-spellbook/
  11. Just released! HAIDUK – SPELLBOOK http://www.haiduk.ca Full-length debut. Black-magic concept album. Fast, evil death-thrash!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqSkd726XU8 [media=] [/media]
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