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Wondering about Free Spirit


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Once again I was late discovering a new cd, and I don't really have time to backtrack and see if it was ever mentioned on here, but I just picked up Free Spirits All The Shades Of Darkened Light, and was curious if they are a group heralded on HH? I think this album absolutely destroys their debut, what did you guys think of it? tell me that song Fever isnt just breathtaking! One of those jams that gave me the chills the 1st time hearing it, if it's already been discussed, at length(as i'm pretty sure it had to have been)then perhaps somebody in the know, can post the link, or you can just say what you thought of it again, cause if nobody liked it, then im gonna change my feelings towards it, I only want to fit in, and be cool, never want to go against the grain, so i'd appreciate it. thank you.

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Well heres the funny shit, I heard the 1st disc, and mistakenly thought it was this disc, so I even commented on it, I then just heard this, and knew I remembered that name, so I went back and discovered I own the 1st one, and had actually never heard this disc, which explained the tiny little comment I left on it, guess I should pay some attention to shit, shouldnt I, i'll get the barbara, Yep, pretty much what I figured, just confirming, thanks brothas!!

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