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7th Heaven - The Best of 1985-2015


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[Dan's comments: How do you release a "Best of" including songs from a just-released album before you know which songs will be best received? Timing is odd on this one.

P.S. Could ya hire a graphic designer to come up with real album covers?]

7th heaven releases "The Best Of 1985 - 2015" DUAL CD


A 42 song feel-good DUAL CD of various Pop/Rock songs

Track Listing:

Disc 1
1 Sing
2 This Summers Gonna Last Forever
3 Gravity
4 Dance Of A Lifetime
5 Stoplight
6 Cellophane
7 Time Of Our Lives
8 I'll Be Waiting
9 Better This Way
10 Diamonds
11 We Live Life Young
12 I Can't Find Love
13 Kill The Cycle
14 It's You
15 Dance In The Rain
16 Go For A Ride
17 Right By Your Side
18 Ghost Of Me
19 Never Gonna Bring Me Down
20 I Don't Know
21 Shapes

Disc 2
1 Young And Bulletproof
2 Once In A Lifetime
3 Medicated
4 Living In Danger
5 Now And Forever
6 In The City
7 The One
8 Undone
9 Let's Talk
10 All In You
11 War Machine
12 The Way It Used To Be
13 While You Dream
14 Windows
15 Die For You, Die For Me
16 You Lied
17 Why You Gotta Be Like That
18 Separated
19 Boom
20 Winning It All
21 The Time Has Come

Line-up on this Dual CD:
Adam Heisler (Lead Vocals)
Keith Semple (Lead Vocals)
Andrew Blake (Lead Vocals)
Tony DiGiulio (Lead Vocals)
Anthony Fedorov (Lead Vocals)
Michael Sean (Lead Vocals)
Richard Hofherr ( Lead Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals)
Nick Cox ( Guitars / Vocals)
Mark Kennetz ( Bass / Vocals )
Mike Mooshey ( Drums )
Dan Miller (Drums)

Additonal Background Vocals:
Matt Clark

Produced, engineered, Mixed & Mastered by: Richard Hofherr

Buy A Copy Here: Direct from Band (Worldwide) * iTunes * Amazon.com (U.S.)
Check out 7th heaven at - 7thheavenband.com
For Press/Media - Contact Lenny Rago at: LRago@NTDRecords.com

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These guys have the worst album covers...this one is no exception. Fair point from Dan - how can you have a greatest hits with songs from a brand new album? They must be super confident about the new songs. Cool band regardless and I'll be getting this to add to the collection.

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  • My Little Pony

Do they even have their earlier stuff available? On the archives and their site the earliest album is Faces Time Replaces. Or is Jukebox a collection of all their albums from 1985 up to 2000?

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DO NOT get 'Faces time replaces.' It is horrible beyond comprehension. Nothing like their sound and style from 'Silver' onwards (even if one of the songs was originally on there - 'War Machine' I think?).

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