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Chisel Chin

2001 - Best Albums

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Avantasia - The Metal Opera Part I


I can't believe no one has mentioned this yet! Easily my favourite from this year. I'll throw up a few more later.



Yeah, nice one, buddy, even though initially I wasn't very warm for it, but for the wrong reasons. I could see it fit nicely in my top 25 ( I decided to raise the bar and provide meticulous ratings like you guys do in order to avoid some fallacies and inconsistencies,starting from 1979 till 2014, while trying to catch all the 2015 releases-after all I have to decide which ones to buy!).

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Flower Kings and Anathema are definitely not for Geoff so don't bother to try dude :D


A few guys from The Flower Kings were also in Spellbound back in the early 80s :)



Don't know about Spellbound, are they worth checking out ?



Well, I like 'em ... as ever, I appear to be in the minority ;)

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Giant and Soul Doctor are my top 2...



24K - Bullerproof


Beautiful Creatures - S/T

Bonfire - Strike Ten

Burning Rain - Pleasure To Burn

Dreamhunter - Bad Attitude

Edguy - Mandrake

Giant - III

Guild Of Ages - Citadel

Kelly Keagy - Time Passes

Jorn Lande - Worldchanger

Paradise - Light The Fire

PC69 - Endangered

Roulette - Lifeline

Shakra - Power Ride

Shanghai - Bombs Away

Shylock - Pyronized

Sons of Angels - Slumber With The Lion

Soul Doctor - S/T

Sun N' Steel - Wicked World

Wicked Sensation - Reflected

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