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Sammy Hagar and The Circle


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Just bought the new CD.I never tire from hearing the great music that Sammy Hagar has put out in his career.It doesn't get much better than this !

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Not a fan of live albums anymore

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Just a live album.

I saw him when he came to my city maybe 10 years ago. He played a smaller venue and one thing I recall was he said something like this...


"You guys are in for a treat. I don't play thing song much any more because it's just so damn hard to hit the notes"
Then he played Dreams.


Makes me wonder if this is why the live version on the CD is an acoustic version.

I don't mind it, my wife really loves it.

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Yeah I (kinda) remember seeing Painters & Dockers there and basically everyone was jumping up on the stage, and after a few minutes the bouncers were clearing people off by pushing them back into the crowd.

But you could sing with the band etc and it was a damn fun environment, so I bit the bullet and made my move.

Luckily I got up just after the bouncers had cleared the stage so I have a little bit of time there.

Was yelling into a mic when I saw a dude coming for me like a bull so I decided to 'take my own life rather than have it taken' and elected to do a split second stage dive.

The premise was good, but I was leaping into a massive mosh pit.

In my drunken state I did a big belly flop and the last thing i remember seeing was the crowd part like the red sea lol

Landed on the hard ground and was surprised a wasn't more injured than I was - alcohol probably helped there.


Other memory from there was the back room with the dance floor.

My friend and I was really plastered and ended up in a booth. He was really over the edge and eventually leaned over and pushed apart the booth seats backing on to each other and threw up between them.

A bouncer saw him and they dragged us down the back stairs.

Then a bit of panic set in as there were many stories about people having the shit kicked out of them by bouncers where we were being led, but in the end they just kicked us out which was probably the best result...

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