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Lynn Allen - Streetlight


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From grande-rock.com:

Lynn Allen returns with new album “Streetlight” which will be released via AOR Boulevard Records on March 20th 2015.

Billy Pfeiffer never deviates from the classic Lynn Allen sound on this but has somehow produced his most consistent and accomplished work yet. Quite simply this is excellent.
Billy is such a cool guy and sings with such a laid back attitude he makes Eddie Money sound positively manic. But don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean the album is so laid back it sends you to sleep.

No, this is lean, mean and efficient AOR and a collection of tracks that will make their way and set up home in the listeners head. If you like hook laden, guitar driven, 80s inspired aor then this is for you. Go out and get it and transport yourself back 30 years!

Limited to 500 copies by AOR specialists ABR, this is the must have cd of the year and is sure to become a collectors item! Get it while you can.

Lynn Allen:
Billy Peiffer- Vocals & Guitar
Barry Bestal - Bass
Paul DePaw - Guitar
Kevin Sampson – Drums







1. Wheels Keep Turning (3.32)

2. Falling (3.40)
3. What It Is (5.08)[
4. Streetlight (3.48)
5. Kickin’ Myself (3.28)
6. Drive (3.40)
7. I Will (3.17)
8. Today She is on Fire (3.41)
9. Friendzone Paradise (3.51)
10. She is the One (3.27)

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