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Airstream - Kingdom Of Isolation


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From bravewords.com:


On April 28th, Swedish hard rockers Airstream, featuring vocalist Staffan ‘Stiff’ Karlsson (ex-Sky Of Rage), Mathias Brask (guitar), Tommy Moon (drums), and former Thunder bassist Micke Höglund, will release Kingdom Of Isolation in North America via Metalville Records.


Featuring nine tracks, Kingdom Of Isolation finds the group offering a blend of progressive masterpieces, power hymns, and super catchy modern rock grooves in the AOR style.


Guest appearances from Kee Marcello (ex-Europe) and Thomas Larsson (ex-Glenn Hughes Band) can be heard on songs such as "You Had The World In Your Hands" and "The Power Of Music".










“The Power Of Music”
“You Had The World In Your Hands”
“Hold On To What We’ve Got”
“Oh Mother Oh Father”
“We Don’t Look Back”
“Kingdom Of Isolation”
“Lost In Fears”
“House Of Pain”



Teaser: https://soundcloud.com/user405172042/teaser_airstream#t=0:00

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I heard this accidentally. I forgot the band name and assumed it was the new band with Diamond Dawn's ex-vocalist. I was wrong and the album is shit.

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Hearing this for the first time on Spotify. It's not as Gawdawful as Geoff makes it out to be. It won't be winning any awards, but musically it's not bad. It reminds me of a lighter version of Nightfall. The production/mix suffers in places though.

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