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SAINTS TRADE - Robbed In Paradise (2015)


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courtesy of odayrox2: http://0dayrox2.blogspot.com/2015/02/SAINTS-TRADE-Robbed-In-Paradise-2015-Danger-Zone-Perfect-View-Denander-Grand-Illusion.html



SAINTS TRADE born in the middle of 2009 in Bologna, Italy, and since their creation the band's dream was, and still is, to play the music that all the group members love: Melodic Hard Rock. The quartet toured central Europe, opened for British hard-rockers Ten, and played at Fleetwoodstock Festival. The enthusiastic response and a growing up fan base gave Saints Trade an encouragement to enter the studio two years ago and record their first mini-album.


Now signed by Rock specialized Italian label Logic(il)Logic, it's time for Saints Trade's full length debut "Robbed In Paradise" to be released tomorrow, February 10th, 2015.

With experimented Roberto Priori - guitarist in Melodic Hard Rockers Danger Zone - as producer, arranger and also playing in one track, the band secured a man who know what he's doing in this genre.


The music of "Robbed In Paradise" is a nice mix of the late '80s Melodic Hard Rockers scene from America and Europe along with a modern sonic approach and some heavy rock pinches.


The guitar work of Claus is sharp enough with some clever riffs and solos, the rhythm section of Matteo Angelini (bass) and female drummer Joana Lachkova is pretty tight, and while Santi Libra has some accent on few places, he owns a clear voice.


The keyboards / synths are played on the entire album by Pier Mazzini, one of the founder members of AORsters Perfect View, and no-other than Swede Tommy Denander plays a guitar solo on "Inside", one of the best tracks on the disc.

Songs like "Feel The Fire", "Allied" and the fun "California" are really melodic and almost catchy, while Saints Trade turns things harder in "To the Light", "Inside" or "Rock 'n' Roll Man".


We have slower moments on the midtempo "Dreams Running Wild" including pianos, and then a sweet ballad with "Into Your Eyes" mixing some acoustics.


Closer "The Game" is one of the stronger numbers, a hard rocker with a cool rhythm and one on-fire solo by Roberto Priori.





Saints Trade is a pretty interesting new band with a sound that lately has become some kind of an 'Italian trademark'. There's many Melodic Hard Rock band from this country and all own a distinctive feel.


"Robbed In Paradise" mixes the classic style of the genre with a touch of modernity, resulting in a cool record. All is quite melodic, polished and clean. The band still need to adjust some burrs, but they are in the right path.



01 - To the Light
02 - Feel the Fire
03 - Inside
04 - Allied
05 - Like a Woman
06 - California
07 - Dreams Running Wild
08 - Siria (Dawn Breaks In)
09 - Rock 'n' Roll Man
10 - Into Your Eyes
11 - The Game

Santi Libra - Vocals
Claus - Guitars
Matteo Angelini - Bass
Joana Lachkova - Drums
Pier Mazzini (Perfect View) - Keyboards

Tommy Denander - Guitar on “Inside”
Roberto Priori (Danger Zone) - Guitar on “The Game”




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There was a recent thread on this forum about band names being a lot worse these days. I have a new topic for y'all:

Why are band photos so fucking awful these days? Although Bad 4 Good probably have the worst band photo of all time in their CD booklet, generally band photos back in the day were pretty freakin' cool. I just hate them these days. I rarely see a band photo I don't hate. Like the one above. I just hate it.


Anyway, the song is extremely average. Okay at absolute best.

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Cmon Geoff.... this is hard rock from bologna! What I want to know is why that guy blew up a chicken with his magic powers and why are the others so happy about it?

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  • 1 year later...
Musically it's ok. BUT the singing, lyrics, video clip and band image are horrid. Hate to be harsh but this is terrible.


EDIT: playing some more samples I really do think that musically this band is quite good especially when the incorporate keyboards into their sound. The above track 'California' is still rubbish but I will give the album a chance and hope for a few good tracks.

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