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Charm City Devils - Battles


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From blabbermouth.net:


"Battles", the third album from the Baltimore-based hard rock outfit CHARM CITY DEVILSJohn Allen (lead vocals), Anthony Arambula (bass), Jason Heiser (drums), Nick Kay and Victor Karrera (guitars) — is available for streaming in its entirety below. Scheduled for release on September 23 via The End Records/ADA, the CD promises to delight fans with the return of Grammy-winning producer Skidd Mills (SAVING ABEL, EGYPT CENTRAL, 12 STONES), who helmed the group's 2012 sophomore release, "Sins", which spawned the hit single "Man Of Constant Sorrow", landing at No. 20 on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.


Comments Allen: "Our new CD, 'Battles', is about struggle — from small to large. It's about perseverance, loss and the hope of triumph. From the opening cut, 'Tear It Apart', to the fading last note of 'Let It Go', the album speaks, lyrically, from the heart about tenaciousness from the start of life until the bitter end."


Allen previously stated about CHARM CITY DEVILS' renewed collaboration with Mills: "Working with Skidd was a no-brainer, really. He manned the board for our highest-charting single and always gets the sweetest tones! Plus, he's a good, down-to-earth dude; he's one of us.

Allen stated about the "Shots" single and video, which can be seen below: "Outwardly, the song seems like a party anthem, but to me, it's more.


"Sure, this song and video are about as rock and fucking roll as you can get! But, to me, it's the band!


"There's no outside songwriters, no overblown production, we are wearing our influences on our sleeves.


"The video is a documentary of the touring life of the band, and lyrically, it's a plea to a close friend to please get help for his addictions before it's too late.


"This is one of the songs that every night I know I have physically, mentally and emotionally left it all out on the table!"












01. Tear It Apart
02. Crucify
03. Shots
04. Everyday
05. Want
06. God's Gonna Cut You Down
07. Lying To Yourself
08. Rich N Famous
09. Destiny
10. Karma
11. Let It Go


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Don't mind the first song, don't like the second. I am still yet to try one of their full albums and I'm not sure I'll start now. They just don't do it for me at all.

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Average release this one.

For me

Let's Rock N Roll had 3 great songs
Sings - 7 great tracks
Battles was a bit of a disappointment
Only songs I really cared for were

Rich N Famous
Lying To Yourself
Let It Go

Wonder if this album was a career killer.
Been 4 years


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