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King Zebra


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  • 2 months later...

I admit I like it better than I thought I might. It's defo not amazing or anything, but it's solid stuff. It's not really a 'best of' or anything, is it? Just a "crafty" album title?

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  • 3 months later...
Got my copy the other day and it is in heavy rotation!


Terry must've had an extra copy of this one cuz he threw it in gratis with some trade stuff he sent me.... for a first spin impression: not bad.


I gather that the "Greatest Hits" title is tongue in cheek cuz they apparently only have one other album...haha


I found their Bandcamp page via Google and judging from the goofy 80s metal style dress and the stage names, they're going for a European Steel Panther vibe, tho on first listen they didn't come off quite as juvenile/obnoxious as S.P. does. Time will tell if this one holds up better than the Panther did for me.


Either way, a nice unexpected bonus. Thanks for the hookup, Terry! :thumb::

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Just spun King Zebra for the first time myself. It will get some more spins for sure


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