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I had a bit of an idea for a new topic...see how this goes.


Basically I have lots of old Hard Rock, Glam/Sleaze and AOR related stuff lying around collecting dust...old magazines, clippings as well as a bunch of stuff on my hard drive that I've accumulated over the years. I'm guessing others on this forum have similar things lying around in boxes or in the basement as well. I thought rather than leaving all of this stuff to collect dust we could share it.


I know some of this stuff is floating around on the net, so you may have seen some of it before, but I also have a pile of old AOR magazines from the late 80's / early 90's which I'm guessing most people have not seen before, or at least not for around 20+ years. I'm hoping to get all of these scanned in the near future.


If you have anything of your own you would like to share, I'm sure others would be very interested too.


The sorts of things I'm hoping to fill this thread with include: band photos, gig reviews, interviews, magazine/newspaper clippings, gig flyers, posters, tour programmes, promotional ads, biographies etc.

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Cool stuff! I too have gaggles of this kind of stuff and really do enjoy seeing it! I'm away from home this week, but I will try to post some stuff up soon...

It is cool to see this old memorabilia isnt it? There's so much out there too. Looking forward to it Terry :-)

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Good Stuff, used to see these guys all the time back in the day, they put out a few eps ..rare stuff.




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