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  1. Front page of the Sreamer Magazine June 1991,if you want to see more pages from it let me now and i will try to upload it!
  2. This is a great idea let's get started. Myself lookin' for some songs you can find my list here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lhm6fFNQPaI Also would love to get my hands on pdf files from these magazines that came out late 80's early 90's Bam La Weekly LA Music Scene Screamer Rock City News Z Rock Magazine Hard Rocks Magazine (Japan) Burrn (Japan) Well hope to hear from someone Cheers Wim Adrian Dodz
  3. Hi there Need the name of the band of these 2 songs that can be heard here: http://picosong.com/wjsj http://picosong.com/wjsS Any help would be more than welcome. Thanks Wim
  4. Hi All Despertly looking for any info & covers about a band called Tragus. Have recordings from them on a cd-r from 2005? with no covers or band info. The songs are 01 - I Got You 02 - Lone Ranger 03 - Long Arm Of The Law 04 - Long Days, Lonely Nights 05 - Rock The House 06 - This Time 07 - Vicious Circle Any help is more than welcome Thanks Wim
  5. Hi there all Looking for John Watson,he lives in the UK and his email used to be erndor@mathrock.unet.com ,but it does not work any more. So if anyone have information about this good trader please let me know Thanks to you all bundys@skynet.be
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