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Shaft Of Steel - EP


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From SoundCloud:


Shaft of Steel are one of the brightest new hopes in melodic metal. With a refreshingly unique sound that combines power metal, progressive rock and 1980s AOR, this multinational act (based jointly in London and Duisburg) are surely set for big things.


'The Steel' formed in the tuna fish-loving town of Scarborough, North Yorkshire in 2004, where the original line-up of ex-Acrimonious Anguish main man Alex Markham (guitar), Robert Fenning (vocals and guitar), Andy Cooper (bass) and Will Keen (drums) met while studying at The University of Hull. Over the course of three glorious years, with a number of line-up changes involving Will moving on to pastures new, the acquisition of former Mantra drummer Garth Vickers and the addition of Chris Hartnell on rhythm guitar, the band gained wide acclaim for their anthemic songs and memorable live performances.


The band was put on hold in 2007 when Alex rejoined Acrimonious Anguish, but after a four-year hiatus, the trio of Alex, Rob and Andy reformed in early 2011 and went back into the studio to re-record and remix their old material. These sessions proved so fruitful that they decided to reform the band on a permanent basis and enlist some additional members, old and new. Garth made a welcome return to the drum stool and Adam Carruthers (ex-Acrimonious Anguish) and Chris Smurthwaite (ex-Sole Survivor) were drafted in on second guitar and keyboard respectively.


2014 looks set to be a milestone year for the band, with big plans in the air and an ambition that won't rest until the world knows the name Shaft of Steel!



Website: shaftofsteel.com







1. Drive

2. Spinning Vortex Of Love

3. Steel Avenger (Stand Your Ground)

4. Release The Lion Within

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"Shaft of Steel" sounds like a gay-porn "Superman" parody.


Just sayin'.

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Hey bro, your supposed to post about movies over on that Exquisite board, not here in the music, I figured you of all people would know this, and go ahead and sign Geoff up for a copy of this new DVD, I cant wait to see his face, he will be as happy as a sissy with a bag of dicks when this flick comes out, anyways good luck!

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"Shaft of Steel" sounds like a gay-porn "Superman" parody.




"Shaft Of Steel" - Cumming to a cinema near you.



Hey bro, your supposed to post about movies over on that Exquisite board, not here in the music, I figured you of all people would know this, and go ahead and sign Geoff up for a copy of this new DVD, I cant wait to see his face, he will be as happy as a sissy with a bag of dicks when this flick comes out, anyways good luck!


Yeah, Freddy started it!

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Doesn't sound bad, don't know what the rest sounds like but I'd call this Melodic Rock/AOR not Metal.

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From FB:

PRESS RELEASE: UK AOR metal group Shaft of Steel announce their new line-up for 2018. Debut album to follow.

Shaft of Steel are thrilled to present their new line-up to the world. Joining existing members Robert Fenning, Alex Markham, Adam Carruthers and Chris Smurthwaite are Dominic Swords on bass and Michael Levy on drums.

Guitarist and main songwriter Alex Markham comments:

"After a long search, scouring the country to find the hottest drumming talent, we decided that there was no one better suited to filling the gaping hole left by Garth (Vickers, former drummer) than our old uni mate Mike.

"Back in our Scarborough days, we played a tonne of shows with Mike's old band Assembly Point 3 and he even stepped in to cover for Garth at our final gig before we went on extended hiatus. He's a kick-arse player who brings a whole new dimension to our sound. He's also a bonafide Southerner, and we felt the time was right to let another of them in again. Being a London-based band consisting mainly of Kendalians, we often find ourselves in need of an interpreter. The natives down here reckon we talk funny.

"We took a similar approach when the issue of a new bass player came up. 'Where could we possibly start looking for a new bassist?', I asked myself. 'Oh yeah, that lad who lives over the road from my mum'. In all seriousness, Dom did a fantastic job filling in for Andy (Cooper, former bassist) at the last couple of shows and we're really happy that he's joined full-time. He also brings the average age of the band down by a couple of years, and that nicely offsets the beer guts and double chins that have started to creep in.

"I'm also glad to say that we will be continuing to work with Andy in the studio. The backing vocal arrangements that we've crafted together are a big part of our sound. He's a good friend and he's still very much part of the Shaft of Steel family. Just more like that side of the family that you only see at weddings and funerals".

The band have recently finished recording their debut album, which will be released later this year.


Shaft of Steel are:

Robert Fenning - Lead Vocals
Alex Markham - Guitar
Adam Carruthers - Guitar
Chris Smurthwaite - Keyboard
Dominic Swords - Bass
Michael Levy - Drums

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    • SHIRAZ LANE – Forgotten Shades Of Life (2022) AUGUST 11, 2022   various sources internet Finnish rockers SHIRAZ LANE consisting of lead vocalist Hannes Kett, lead guitarist Jani Laine, rhythm guitarist Miki Kalske, bassist Joel Alex and drummer Ana Willman will be releasing their third full-length studio album ”Forgotten Shades of Life” on August 12, 2022. The new CD combines the melodic feel and heaviness from previous albums with a fresh versatile approach from head-banging hard rock riffing to power ballads and classic rock’n’roll groove. “Back to Life“ opens the album with a bullet of a tune – from the opening riffs you begin to experience the amazing talent that is Shiraz Lane. Thumping along Hannes demonstrates his simply stunning vocal range. The song powers along with subtle drop-offs in pace bringing back memories of Shark Island‘s “Paris Calling“. “Maniac Dance“: provides a slightly funkier vibe, full of those great riffs, and catchy chorus this is gonna be a crowd favourite. The track heads towards a positively blues crescendo, demonstrating their ability in mixing it up but still coming back with a final blast of the infectious chorus. “Scream“: not a new song to many but great to see it on the track listing. This song represents the demons many of us face with mental health issues. The top end of Hannes‘s vocal range is incredible in this catchy song, sorry ANTHEM… Expect this to appear on many live set lists, and that is great news for the fans. “Forgotten Shades of Life“: the title track of the album brings us some respite with a slightly slower pace, but no less intensity. Almost a Led Zep vibe at times, but once again Shiraz pull it out the bag with this ‘lighter’, or ‘mobile phone’, in the air offering. “Beat of Your Heart“: is a full-on 80’s hard rock ballad. Powerful lyrics, great chorus, almost dare I say Queen-esque vocal support, they have absolutely nailed this killer ballad. “Animal“: picks up the pace again and powers us into something faster and heavier. You can’t help but bang your head to this absolute belter of a track. Dare I say there are almost early Metallica traits when Jani brings his axe to the party. “Disconnect from the Matrix“ is another hard thumping track, once again mixing up the pace as the track progresses. This is something we’ve not heard from Shiraz before, but as the whole album is proving to be full of new ideas, it just proves that Shiraz are not afraid to break new ground, whilst keeping that catchy, thought-provoking, chorus and thumping riffs. “Haunted House“ launches us into Southern rock sound and vibe to it. The riffs are less apparent there is a lighter feel with this tune, a little more commercial sounding to what has come before, but nonetheless the song is still catchy. “Who’s Watching“ opens with saxophones… What? I’m now transported into a blues club as this 2-minute epilogue to “Haunted House” brings us back to earth and allows us time to take a breath. Good job as it’s getting harder to breathe. “Letter to Yourself“ is another ballad that wouldn’t go amiss on MTV back in the ’80s. Hannes‘s voice is once again demonstrated to its full in this song proving him to have one of the most incredible and unique voices and vocal ranges in the current rock scene. “Imagination“: concludes the album and provides a 6-minute roller-coaster of varying paces and styles. All held together in true big chorus Shiraz style. This album is another massive step forward for Shiraz Lane in their bid to stamp their authority on the current rock scene. Utilizing Hannes‘s unique vocals to the max this album offers fantastic riffs, fantastic tunes, unbelievably catchy choruses and demonstrates that Shiraz Lane continue to progress as a band. This is a great album from a band which doesn’t repeat themselves – but still 100% Shiraz Lane, and that is a very good thing. Highly Recommended   Tracklist:   01 – Back to Life 02 – Maniac Dance 03 – Scream 04 – Forgotten Shades of Life 05 – Beat of Your Heart 06 – Animal 07 – Disconnect from the Matrix 08 – Haunted House 09 – Who’s Watching? 10 – Letter to Yourself 11 – Imagination lead vocals – Hannes Kett lead guitar – Jani Laine rhythm guitar – Miki Kalske bass – Joel Alex drums – Ana Willman   Pre order: www.amazon.com/Forgotten-Shades-Life-Shiraz-Lane/dp/B0B5LYLCHZ
    • Men who do men? Cody, Geoff, and you.
    • Trust me, I am the biggest of Tesla fans. Watched their DVD 1,000 times. They were one of the best bands out there. I even loved Bust A Nut, considered their worst disc. But this is rubbish that I'm embarrassed to call Tesla. Same as the last few albums. Simplicity and the Def Leppard album were just so bad. They miss Tommy Skeoch I think.
    • Again, why is this in the Flamefest sub-thread? Who's angry with this? 
    • Oh God I just noticed your favorite band in your bio, please don't kill me!!!
    • Maybe you'll have better luck than me with it. Seriously one of the most disappointing albums for me that I can remember.  These guys had been on such a roll and an upward trajectory for me.  This has sent them crashing back down.  The songs just feel like they're all over the place. I had read somewhere that one reason they left Frontiers was because they wanted more creative control.  If this is what that looks like, it was a big mistake IMO.      
    • And there it is... but could have been worse!
    • Yesterday Lies In the Flames - Ten.
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