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The Pretty Reckless - Going To Hell


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New album 'Going To Hell' drops March 12.


I like this.








1. Follow Me Down
2. Going to Hell
3. Heaven Knows
4. House on a Hill
5. Sweet Things
6. Dear Sister
7. Absolution
8. Blame Me
9. Burn
10. Why'd You Bring a Shotgun to the Party
11. Fucked Up World
12. Waiting for a Friend
13. Going to Hell (Live Acoustic)
14. Sweet Things (Live)




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Holy fuck that is a sexy cover. If that arrow's pointing to hell I wouldn't mind spending eternity in hell. Amirite? ;) High fives.


Tunes only sound okay to me, though. I didn't mind their debut though I couldn't really call myself a massive fan. A massive fan of her ass perhaps, but not so much the music.

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A guy in my office loaned me their previous album a while ago. It was OK but honestly I spent more time looking @ the pics of the chick singer in the booklet than listening to the tunes.


...this was the same guy who also loaned me a Black Veil Brides CD some time ago. I finally told him, "Dude, with all due respect, please stop trying." :rofl2:

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It's a very solid disc. It is what it is, which is pretty laid back rock, so it's not going to blow anyone's world apart. But for what it is, it's a well crafted disc.

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