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Skin Trade featuring Matti Alfonzetti

Captain Howdy

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The first song by Matti Alfonzetti's new band, Skin Trade is on Spotify, and it lives up to its name "Monster".

Heavier than some of his other stuff, this one is gonna be popular with those who like Matti but want something with more balls musically.


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He has released 2 Skintrade albums from 1993 & 1995. They suck badly and I am a HUGE Matty fan. The older ones were a mix of Rap Rock for lack of a better term. I'm not interested in anything else they may be releasing (God forbid)

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He has released 2 Skintrade albums from 1993 & 1995.


I was gonna say, Skintrade isn't new...just reactivated.


I'll check it out, as I'm a big fan of Matti, but as stated, the earlier Skintrade records weren't too engaging. I prefer his Alfonzetti albums.

Backed. And man his three solo albums are just awesome!

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Why the hell is he resurrecting this band name?! The first two albums, as noted, are f*cking terrible. That said, the above song is actually pretty damn good. I will sure as hell check this out. I wish he'd let the band name die the death it deserved, though. But looking forward, very much, to the new tunes!!!

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Favourite song on the disc.


Overall it's a pretty bland disc and I've already forgotten about it to be honest, but it's not terrible, and a hell of a lot better than the first two.

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Wasn't familiar with these guys back when so without comparison this is a pretty cool album. Nothing mindblowing nothing unique but the pipes are on and the tunes are good enough. Picked this up on CD and hasn't let the ears down.


Had a listen to the old stuff and dunno, was more in line with the grunge scene of the day I guess but figured it was a similar situation to Bruce Dickinson's SKUNKWORKS, just go do something different while the tides out ya know!?


Mind you SKUNKWORKS was an underrated gem, the Skintrade records not quite so, but I guess if not your thing then probably not ya thing now!?


They got a buyer outta me this time around anyway ;)

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