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  1. Absolutely agree with most that has been said here already, add to the poor sound the usual too many lame lyrics and the horrible running order (doesn't make sense having a super long intro for track2 but not to open the record?) doesn't bode too well, but... There's a little pomp back and some cracking melodies (vocally too), and quite a good amount of material to like! We're All That We Got, Better Off Broken and The Both Of Us are a slight nod back to their World Upside Down through Cartesian Dreams eras, perhaps Still feel this band could release something really special, but at least liking enough of this, even if there's an air of 'could've been / should've been' about it.
  2. Cheers, listened a ton to the entire album released here today and gotta say am super impressed. The title track out the gates, More Wolf Than Lamb, Dead Air all as great as 29thFeb with that Open To The Public feel, and Cut Through, even when dabbling elsewhere such as with Valentines, all strong stuff in my books and Ray still let's out the occasional scream I'm not sure fans hoping for a return to the debut will think such but fans of both or just OpenTTPublic should find plenty to enjoy. Personally loving it \m/
  3. HA and kudos Geoff for not holding back LOL... but yes. Trust me I had my doubts, no DiBartolo a primary concern. And the first two singles didn't exactly convince me but with 29Feb, that guitar sound and those second verse riffs are reminiscent of many moments I enjoy from OTTPublic and I've loved and lived with that album since release. There's gotta be that 25yr clause of course and no-one should expect this to be exact, but this track sure as hell ticks enough boxes fer this fan, and a preview of both the title track and More Wolf Than Lamb has me rather pumped Opinions being what they are of course but bring on Friday 😁
  4. Considering the epic debut and that Open To The Public remains a personal favourite from back in the day, wasn't too blown away by these first two singles (weird promo-ing two rather similar songs too I might add), but 29th February won me over right away with its Open To The Public-like guitar and rhythms and with no DiBartolo who wrote most their early music it's uncanny how well they've captured their Open To The Public sound here on all songs thus far. After 25 years doubt they will quite equal those first records (few do) but am now very confident for a great record \m/
  5. Well being a longtime Reece fan I'm rather biased, but while there's been some great stuff from him of late (Tango Down was cool but so too was his work on Wicked Sensation and his Reece Kronlund record was rather excellent with some nods back to On Target), IMO think for song consistency and performances Resilient Heart is David's best record since Sircle Of Silence \m/ To each their own of course
  6. 1 SAHARA easily gets my vote fer best HOL with DEMONS DOWN a mighty close second... While at the time POWER AND THE MYTH was a letdown it wasn't and isn't that bad a record to return to fer a different HOL listen IMO... Of the recent releases sure WORLD UPSIDE DOWN is right up there but actually liked (the terribly titled) BIG MONEY best, finally they threw back to some past One Man Down playing out like the sister to the Demons Down track while Someday When continued their moden flare without losing that classic sound. Aside from the cool opening track Battle, PRECIOUS METAL however did sound tired offerring nothing fresh (of interest while lyrically meh at times CARTESIAN DREAMS thrived for its delving into new ideas and whatnot). In fact PRECIOUS METAL sounded like late 90's/early 00's Def Leppard to these ears, both musically and in production, over produced and saturated in vocal effects SO, agree with the majority here, hoping this new record is something more. Because aside from the last record HOL remain an essential part of our modern MR world \m/ A fun read folks
  7. Certainly can appreciate the 'tired' and 'slower' comments from the good folk here, although maybe just me but not quite hearing the borrowed and recycled riffs from the Subsurface era hmmm... Regardless this got my album of the year 2014 and return to this recod often, but that said of the two Wilson returns gotta say now prefer March Of Progress over this one but back to back they make fer a tasty days listen \m/ And kudos to major winner Autumn Red and classy fun bonus track shoulda been included in standard edition regular trackplay WTF Rating this an 8.5 previous ear bender MOP a 9 Oh and fer anyone still considering, the packaging is classy with lottsa notes and comments fer each track (and why indeed the bonus song was left off the standard editions - good stuff!)
  8. 1. Megadeth COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION 2. Dream Theater IMAGES AND WORDS 3. Bangalore Choir ON TARGET 4. Black Sabbath DEHUMANIZER 5. House Of Lords DEMONS DOWN With kudos to; King's X KING'S X Wildside UNDER THE INFLUENCE
  9. 1. Ozzy Osbourne NO MORE TEARS 2. Soundgarden BADMOTORFINGER 3. Fates Warning PARALLELS 4. Tyketto DON'T COME EASY 5. Van Halen FOR UNLAWFUL CARNAL KNOWLEDGE With kudos to Little Angels' YOUNG GODS
  10. 1. Queensryche EMPIRE 2. Megadeth RUST IN PEACE 3. Judas Priest PAINKILLER 4. Beggars & Thieves BEGGARS & THIEVES 5. Midnight Oil BLUE SKY MINING
  11. 1. The Cult SONIC TEMPLE 2. Whitesnake SLIP OF THE TONGUE 3. Badlands BADLANDS 4. Tangier FOUR WINDS 5. Kingdom Come IN YOUR FACE
  12. 1. Noiseworks TOUCH 2. Queensryche OPERATION MINDCRIME 3. Van Halen OU812 4. Iron Maiden SEVENTH SON 5. David Lee Roth SKYSCRAPER
  13. 1. Noiseworks NOISEWORKS 2. Whitesnake 1987 3. The Cult ELECTRIC 4. Midnight Oil DIESEL AND DUST 5. Bryan Adams INTO THE FIRE Was lots to like about 87... Def Leppard HYSTERIA U2 THE JOSHUA TREE Icehouse MAN OF COLOURS Jimmy Barnes FREIGHT TRAIN HEART INXS KICK
  14. 1. The Angels (Angel City) HOWLING 2. Van Halen 5150 3. Huey Lewis & The News FORE 4. Iron Maiden SOMEWHERE IN TIME 5. Queensryche RAGE FOR ORDER
  15. What are your thoughts on this one Rocker? Just got notified mine got posted yesteday looking forward to it!
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