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introducing the VIRGINIA SHOCKERS

66 mustang

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first team fund raiser last night. our girls worked at pizza hut from 5pm - 8pm. they took customer orders, brought their food and refilled drinks. cleaned tables and swept up after. they kept all the tips, we had a tip jar set up at the register and for every team flyer brought in we got 20% of the sales for those hours. don't know the total from sales but the girls made $392 in tips. After a quick bite of Pizza myself and a couple other dads spent most of the night in the back doing dishes. Reggie washing and AJ and myself getting them out off the dish washer and sorting and drying. to tell you the truth the opening scene of the Poison - Nothing but A Good Time video kept running through my head.






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my daughters bat. got it last year after hearing how much better composite bats are but I refuse to pay $300+ for a bat so after searching online I did find this bat at a pretty good price of $65. composite bats do have a break in period of about 150 hits to 200 hits. must have started to break in by the end of the fall season.



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Cool, I also started a travel baseball team for my son we are a 12U we are the Westminster Bandits. We've been practicing since last August and haven't really stopped, took a small break for the holidays. Can't wait to get outside all this damn snow we've had. Our first game is April 3rd.

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another tourney tomorrow. lets hope we got the rust off and the jitters out last week. went 0-3. should have won the 2nd game but fell short 6-5 in the last inning. lets get up at 5am, travel 90 minutes to Johnson City, Tn for what we hope is all day at the field

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