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60's BATMAN tv series coming to DVD

66 mustang

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I've been saying for years that Fox and Warner/DC had to get their sh*t together and get this done. Fans will want commentary tracks by/interviews with Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar, etc., and them folks ain't getting any younger.

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Other than those 3, I think Yvonne Craig & Lee Meriwether are the only notable other cast members still alive.

There is probably a few minor villains as well, but I cant think of many that are still alive.

The problem with the show is apart from those 5, most of the cast were all older actors who's careers started in the 20s to 40s.

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I'm surprised it hadn't been released before now.


20th Century Fox (who produced the show) and Warner Bros. (owners of DC Comics, home of Batman) have been fighting over home-video rights to the show since the early 1980s.


When the show was made in the 1960s, DC Comics wasn't part of the Warners empire yet.

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I'm surprised it hadn't been released before now. I'm not particularly excited about this one, but it does give me hope for other old series to receive a proper DVD release. I would love to have The Rebel on DVD.

I wouldn't think it would give hope for anything else to be released as Batman is one of the most popular shows of the 60s, and has been in a long running battle to get it onto DVD. It has literally taken decades to get the rights for a release sorted (going back to VHS).

I cant say how well known The Rebel is in the USA, but I doubt anyone outside the US has heard of it, where as Batman is a worldwide phenomenon.


I'll be very surprised if this isnt one of the biggest selling 60s tv boxsets ever.

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