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Concerts in Japan


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Anybody been to a show in Japan?


Flying out on the 1st and I see Winger and Y&T are playing in Osaka when I'm there. Never seen either and always wanted to so seems like an opportunity too good to miss.


The doors seem to open very early. Like 5.30 with what looks like a 6.30 start. Does this sound right? If so what time do the shows usually end. I need to get back to Okayama.

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I have had a good friend of mine play some shows over that way and he mentioned that the "shows" are VERY VERY formal. With precise time of start and finish, with nothing going past like 9 or 10 PM, early starts as well and the audience is sitting in chairs and are quite subdued.

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I have seen Royal Hunt (1996) and of course the Yngwie shows in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo that year for the Inspiration tour. Mark Boals and Tommy Aldridge were mega awesome.Personally, I've never listened again to the original versions of some of the covers Yngwie included there. What I'll never forget is getting the "Edge the Inspiration" bootleg D-CD outside the Tokyo gig, which was recorded in Nagoya 2 days ago!





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Well that was a ton of fun.


When the doors open they call you in in blocks. Everybody just stands around and waits for their block of numbers to be called. All very civilised. But not knowing a word of Japanese very confusing. Thankfully found somebody to explain it.


The venue was standing but with crush barriers every 10 meters for so meters. So no crushing. Many could learn from this.


Winger were on first. Kip Winger's aged somewhat. But haven't we all? Voice still great though. Reb Beach really is the bomb. He makes playing the guitar look so easy. .They played the whole of their first album , plus a couple of other tracks.


Then Y&T. Worked out I was 4 when they started, which made me feel somewhat old as it was their 40th anniversary tour. Great great show as well.Dave Meniketti's voice was spot on and they played all the old favorites.


Overall a real little adventure getting there and back. Needed the help of locals a few times but the Japanese are the friendliest most helpful people on the planet. Great show. Really happy I did this.


Next up Heaven's Basement back in Munich. And just seen Halestorm are coming. Need to see them.

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