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Strike - We're Back


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The debut album from Strike out now. Sounds good to me.



Pasi Rantanen (ex-Thunderstone) - lead vocals & guitars

Mika Brushane - drums & backing vocals

Kalle Annala - keys & backing vocals

Petri Rantanen - bass

Tommi Lindfors - guitars & backing vocals












1. Joanna
2. Only heaven knows
3. Day of reckoning
4. Hear me out
5. Strike
6. We’re back
7. Angel
8. Runaway
9. Nobody lives forever




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Really dug this one. This is a new band, innit? Sounds like it was recorded in 1990-1992, and I mean that in a very positive way. Very good disc.

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Review from melodic.net (by Juha Harjula):

We´re Back is the debut album of this Finnish outfit, but was already founded in 1985. It´s been quite around them for some time but now they have recorded their first album, but what a amazing one then. They are fronted by Thunderstone singer Pasi Rantanen and he has a great voice that sounds like a mixture of Jakob Samuel (The Poodles) and Torben Schmidt (Skagarack). This is a wet dream for lover of Scandi AOR because this is album filled with big hooklande song with riff strong guitars and layers of keyboards in the best The Poodles, Dalton, Treat, Skagarack and Fate style. Yes, this is a new AOR sensation from Finland. Just check out the opening AOR-rocker Joanna with fluffy keyboards, crunchy riffs and a powerful chorus.

Only Heaven Knows is another melodic affair with strong riffs and hooks all over. Mid-tempo rocker Hear Me Out is superb with a powerful chorus with tight background vocals. Lovers of dut-dut keyboards will jump of joy when they hear Strike for sure. This is a moster AOR-song with hooks all over this song and the chorus is nothing but stunning, AOR by numbers. The powerballad We´re Back sounds like The Poodles, superb song. Another song for lovers of layers of keyboards is the fantastic mid-tempo rocker Angel. Runaway is another winner with huge hooklines and filled with fantastic melodies and the chorus will hook you up. This was a pleasant surprise and if your into Scandi AOR then this is a sure buy. Get it right away. Don´t wait to many years to follow up this album guys.

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I'm suprised no one besides G-man showed any interest in this disc/band. A real goody!


WOW!!!!! Let me say that again.....WOW!!! Stefan I have to agree with you......where is the interest? This band is tremendous. Killer stuff that is totally essential. I will stick my neck out here and declare in 5 or 6 years this CD will be a total collector's piece fetching huge money. This CD is getting very little recognition and should be on the top of every collector's list......Don't wait and be sorry!!!


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  • My Little Pony

I saw this pop up on here today, and thought, "Oh, yeah, didn't I want that album?" After listening to the tracks posted I'm sad I forgot about this one. I will have to rectify that.

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