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Within Temptation - Dangerous


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I really liked this track Dan. I'm a follower of symphonic metal and melodic metal bands from Avantasia to Within Temptation. Since they are your favorite band, how about sharing info on the band and posting their albums for inclusion on the site's main library page???? Huh???? I notice Within Temptation is not listed and they have been around for quite a while with a discography!! :whistle:

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Okay, slap me silly..........I went to brutalmetal.com and see that "Within Tempation" is covered there. I hate having to jump back and forth. I love melodic and hard rock and I love all kinds of metal as well.....they should go together like peas and carrots. LOL!!!!

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We've been down this road in the past. Sure, you'd be fine with the melodic types of metal being listed on HH, but what about death metal, industrial, or rapcore? Inclusion of those at HH would probably NOT sit well with HH regulars... hence the separate site.

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I've given the entire album a complete listen once through, and as usual it's an amazing release. I don't know if it will match "The Unforgiving", but that's only because they set the bar so fucking high with that album. It gets almost impossible to match, let alone eclipse, consistently high-quality output. I'm going to reserve judgment, because I know there were a few tracks on TU that were growers and took a while for me to appreciate. One spin doesn't even begin to cut it.


Regarding some of the rumored stylistic mergings (rap, death vocals), IMO they are minor. Of the 10 tracks, exactly one has male rap vocals on it, and I don't find them bothersome; they don't overshadow the chorus. Would the song have been better without them? Possibly. One track has death vocals, but they are only on the chorus along side Sharon's vocals. Again, not distracting in my opinion. If anything, I consider it a nod to their origins. Appropriate, given their history.


Very varied stylistically, but staying within the boundaries of previous WT offerings. If you liked The Unforgiving, I think you'll dig Hydra.

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