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Lover Under Cover - Into The Night


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New album out January 24th. From the pages of Escape-Music:

Lover Under Cover are back with a brand new album, hailing from Sweden this quartes combine elements of Coldspell, Last Autumns Dream, Treat and many more great Scandinavian Rock bands. The band was formed by Mikael Carlsson
and they have already shaken the very foundations of melodic hard rock with their debut outing "Set the Night on Fire" (Esm246). Soaring harmonies, slick guitar solos and plenty of keyboards feature in their sound and with a knack of producing infectious melodies they will have you begging for more. This is their brand new album and these boys are ready to start 2014 with a bang. With a tight production from Martin Kronlund you can be sure of a very polished performance all round. Songs like "Into the Shadows", "Miracle" and "Crushing Stones" are all fantastic slabs of melodic hard rock, in fact there are no fillers to be found, just well-structured melodic hard rock. This is a fine follow up to their 2012 debut. Lover Under Cover are a band to look out for in 2014 and if well-crafted melodic rock of the highest order is what you crave for then this is an essential purchase.

Mikael Erlandsson: (Last Autumn's Dream / Salute) - Vocals, Keyboards
Mikael Carlsson: Bass, Guitars, Keyboards and Vocals
Martin Kronlund: (Gypsy Rose, Phenomena, Salute) - Guitars
Perra Johnsson: (Coldspell) - Drums


Track listing:

1. A Fight
2. Into The Shadows
3. Miracle
4. Toy Soldier
5. Crushing Stones
6. Life Is Easy
7. Playboy No 7
8. The Game Is On
9. Fantasy Man
10. Closer To The Truth
11. No Place Like Home

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Loved their first album and spent yesterday listening to this one. Really enjoying this one too. Love Mikael Erlandsson's voice.


Not yet sure if it's up there with the first album. Will need another 10 o 20 listens. But given I already want to listen to it another 10 or 20 times the signs are good.

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FYI, for those listening to samples and don't own the first disc and if you don't read the text in the video, the first video above starts with mostly samples from the FIRST cd, Set The Night On Fire. Over half way through then they start with samples of the new CD.


...just so ya know what you are listening to. I clicked play and started reading my other monitor and was like "hey this isn't new music".

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So I checked this one out and not much improvement from the debut. Quite the same approach and also the quality here is a bit mix, some parts are great such as 'A Fight', 'Life Is Easy', 'The Game Is On', 'Closer To The Truth', and 'No Place Like Home' but all of them are probably in the 8/10 territory, and the rest aren't bad but maybe safe around 7 - 7.75. The cover version of 'Toy Soldier' is somehow a failure here, I guess the original version is much better. Pretty good stuff but quite safe and perhaps not the one you'll rush to buy and maybe will consider if there's a sale of $5 out there



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Yeah, pretty much agree, mate. It's okay, possibly a little better than the average debut. But it is what it is, I don't think these guys could really be any better than what they are on this. Even the cover of what is a brilliant song, in 'Toy soldier,' is probably weaker than the original. I'd give my left nut for a great hard rock version of this song, but jeez this version is just safe. And that's what these guys are. Unadventurous and safe, but not awful.


i did like 'Life is easy' and tracks 8-11 were also better than expected. Decent disc, but far from essential.

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