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DeSign - In Other Words


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This sounds promising. Some sound tweaking on those demos and this could be really good.


From facebook:


"DeSign" is a Greek melodic rock band formed in Athens in the fall of 2009.
The original idea came from Chris Crystal (drums) and Jimmy Serra (bass guitar). One more member joined the band in early 2010, Geo Mats (guitar) .
The band's line up was finalized with the add of Johnny Lounge (keyboards) and Eirini Pap (vocals).
"DeSign" has already composed their own music and at the time being, band's members are in the studio recording their first album.





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Guest DesignBand

Hello guys we are happy to announce that our first album has been officially released by FM records Greece :)

Below we are attaching 3 of our songs. Specifically:


1)Breakout- A quite mainstream song which we expect to be our most popular :)


2)Meaning of Love- An old school AoR with the classic keyboard feel !


3)In other words- Experimental song which tries to combine modern with retro elements!


Feel free to comment!

Thanks in advance.


Ioannis Adalis,

Keyboards & Piano


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'Meaning of Love' is real nice and the other songs are good too. I'd have to say the first track there 'Breakout' is my least favourite of the three, still quite nice though. Great keyboards. Great work Ioannis!!

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Guest DesignBand

I will ask our contractor company if they are about to send any copies abroad anytime soon. If not i can send it personally to anyone who wants it via speedex or smt! I will answer soon. Thanks :)

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Guest DesignBand

Hello once again guys. Unfortunately the album is not available abroad at the moment. In case someone wants it, can send either an e-mail at info[at]fmrecords.net or contact me for further details at metalcomesback@yahoo,gr . I would like to inform you that if u want more than 10 copies i can lower the price of the copies a lot :)

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