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what happens when a credit card company says they are going to charge

66 mustang

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Why would they do that? Are you making the minimum payments because I'm not sure they can do that unless there is constant monitoring from the BSA. We have terminated relationships at the bank but only for very specific reasons.


I know a little bit about this as does Wes if you want to pm.

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I've seen many people get in over their heads and by only making min payments aren't able to pay the debts back and go through Consumer Credit Counseling to consolidate where you make one payment and the CCC helps you with getting the credit companies to agree to settlements. This beneficial to those companies because if you owe them money their happy to get somethign instead of someone filing a chapter 7 BK and them getting nothing. However if you do have to go this route always always always get a settlement offer in writing and keep it and follow up to make sure they report any payments to the credit bureau correctly as many do not.

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