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AUDIOLEGEND - We Are Infinity (2013)


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Naming your band AUDIOLEGEND is a bit presumptuous, but this Swiss sextet really make a valid attempt at living up to it by making solid and enjoyable music.

"We Are Infinity" is their second effort, the first to be distributed world-wide, and my first attempt to the group.

Formed in 2008, AudioLegend states that their goal is to make true fresh Rock music with a 'consistent appeal to a wide audience'. In this, they have succeeded.

"We Are Infinity" is a collection of ten tracks ranging in style from commercial classic rock&pop to melodic hard rock, each distinct in tone and treatment with an updated sound. Fronted by vocalist and guitarist Reto Grossrieder, AudioLegend is able to deliver multiple styles thanks to fellow female singers Tanja Grossrieder and Sandra Ulrich.

While not sharing the 'lead vocalist' spotlight, Tanja and Sandra are much more than mere backing vocalists, enabling the band to do some interesting and unique vocal lines and harmonies. The balance of the band (consisting of guitarist and cellist Jan Peter Reinhardt, drummer Luca Weber and bassist Pascal Egger) is also top notch – capably delivering on all fronts in all styles. They do have some pedigree and experience, having toured in support of Accept, Gotthard and Soundgarden, among others.

Surprisingly the album kicks off with a pure bubblegum Rock&pop tune, title track "We Are Infinity". It's a good, attractive radio-friendly tune, but things change quickly. "Firebird" is a much heavier track with gritty guitars – and is a praise to the great American muscle car of the same name. The triple vocals work well throughout, whilst the bass and drums drive the song as much as the guitars.

A big hard rockin' guitar riff opens the booming "Rise", and this one stays quite heavy all the way through. Great harmony vocals on the chorus, slick musical hooks, and an awesome lead break make this a barnburner of a song.

Then "Rockstar" is a lighter, tongue-in-cheek chronicle of the start of a musical career – a solid track with upbeat vocals and a toe-tap inducing rhythm line. "Heroes Time" is darker, with a modern sound to the bass and drum patterns, a good change of pace that highlights the versatility of the band and the vocal talents of the singers.


AudioLegend switches gears again on the old school rocker "World City Life", a fully bass driven song paying tribute to the great places of the world and life on the road.

"Soulmate" has a strong pounding groove with toneful blues rock overtones and a marching refrain, very American sounding and where the guitars get loose. Fine cut, perhaps the chorus should have been more elaborated, but the whole thing rocks nicely.

"Fairytale" is a moody midtempo modern melodic rocker, quite a ballad with a smooth vocal line and some welcomed tidy guitars, while "Your Life My Pain" rocks again with broken riffs, busy rhythm section and a powerful chorus where the female support needle it.

The album wraps with the raspy & bluesy "Stone Cold", the more classic rock oriented song of the album where the vocal parts are inspired by the late seventies, yet as a all-in-all is a modern sounding number.

"We Are Infinity" is a solid effort from this interesting Swiss combo delivering a varied set ot songs built around a three vocalist line up, backed up by strong guitar work and a solid rhythm section.

Their songs are neatly written, easy listening and quite catchy. Combine all of that with good production values and crisp engineering by Rob Viso & Roger Hofmann (Marygold, Maxxwell), and you have an album that should appeal to both old school rockers and young fans alike. The diverse mix of style and tempo keep the album lively, interesting, and most importantly: fun.

While not 'legendary', AudioLegend’s "We Are Infinity" is a diverse, entertaining CD.


01 - We Are Infinity
02 - Firebird
03 - Rise
04 - Rockstar
05 - Heroes Time
06 - World City Life
07 - Soulmate
08 - Fairytale
09 - Your Life My Pain
10 - Stonecold

Reto Grossrieder - lead vocals, guitar
Sandra Ulrich - vocals, percussion
Tanja Grossrieder - vocals, percussion
Jan Peter Reinhardt - guitar, strings
Pascal Egger - bass
Luca Weber - drums



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Sounds pretty awkward to me... like the band photo. I don't like the vocals at all. I'd definitely have to pass on this one, sorry mate.

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I t will be a no go for me! Good word for this Geoff (awkward)

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