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Arc Angel - Harlequins Of Light


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Arc Angel releases their new album 'Harlequins Of Light' through Frontiers Records on 23rd of August.




Jeff Cannata: Lead and Background Vocals, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Guitars
Jeff Batter: Acoustic Piano, Synths
Jay Rowe: Organ, Synths
Scott Spray: Bass Guitar
David Coe: Acoustic Guitar
Jimi Bell, Gary Maus, Andy Abel, Tony Spada, Mark Proto, Jay Jesse Johnson: Lead Guitars
Pete Hodson: Background Vocals, Synth








Harlequins Of Light

As Far As The Eye Can See

War (Battle Wounds Of Life)

Voice Of Illuminati

Through The Night

Amnesia (The Rest Of Your Life)

Fortune Teller 2

California Daze

Tonight… Forever

Get To You

Diamonds And Gold

Legend Of The Mary Celeste



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Love the album cover, love the intro to the track, love the guitar solo, don't mind the rest of the song, but hate the way he sings "harlekins". It's "harlequins", dammit!


Listened to a few other samples and there's some really nice guitar here and there, but the choruses don't really appeal to me and it's really soft. Nothing up to the awesome standard of 'Tragedy', 'Stars' or 'Wanted Dead Or Alive' from the self-titled imo.

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Eleven years since 'Tamorok', I had little expectation of this but turns out to be surprisingly good. Pompous AOR stuff, perhaps in the veins of ASIA, early BOSTON, or maybe ANGEL, and with a little twist of prog touch. I can see how this album will be a favourite for the fans of late 70s rock, but I guess every rock fans should be in awe with the epic opener of 'Harlequins of Light'. Definitely a great tune but there are other superb tracks as well such as 'As Far As The Eye Can See', the westcoast-ish 'Fortune Teller 2' with a massive pompous element, the fast-paced 'California Daze', and the easy listening 'Get To You'.


The small weakness part of this album is on 'Amnesia' which i think is a passable filler, 'Voice of Illuminati' also suffers with average verse, and 'Tonight .. Forever' is also quite forgettable. Thankfully, the last two songs, 'Diamonds and Gold' and 'Legend of The Mary Celeste' are quite enjoyable. Production is excellent, musicianship is quite so-so but Jeff's vocal is still top notch. Good album!



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This is some excellent stuff. Probably a bit more prog than AOR but excellent nonetheless.

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