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Mystery - 2013


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Whoever said the American Dream was not possible in Australia? MYSTERY, the Melbourne young hard rock band, represents every teenager's dream come true. They have a fresh album, "2013", to be released world wide, toured Japan as main act with sold-out venues, in the US shared stages with their idols Dokken, Ratt, Guns 'N Roses and recently finished European shows supporting Iron Maiden and legends Sweet.

"2013" is a revival of '80s Sunset Strip when acts like Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, Dokken and WASP where the big deal, and indeed Mystery aims to sound like them, musically and stylistically.


Think Steel Panther with a lesser gritty attitude, marketed to a young, very young adolescent audience. Sure, Mystery is a product, where image, looks and easy to remember songs are being carefully thought to sell lots of records and tickets.

And works, as these young dudes can play a tune.


Helped by guitarist and producer Stu Marshall (Empires Of Eden, Dungeon) behind the mixing board and producing with a crisp delivery, "2013" is plenty of sing-along pop metal / hair metal songs inspired by the eighties, full of clichés, yes, but ridiculously catchy.


Anthems like "Raise Your Fist", "Test Of Time" or "Rock ‘n Roll Forever Be" sport titles which says it all, pumped by arena ready choruses and separated instrumentation. But some tracks show more roughness, hard rockin' edge such as "On Fire", "Freedom", and the rapid "Lost In Time".


"Nonstop To Nowhere" is the ballad and surprisingly, not cheesy at all, akin for a White Lion / Icon vibe, whilst "Lost In Time" (great riff) goes for American melodic hard with a bouncy background.


And for the end, we have two covers. One is DIO's "Stand Up And Shout", and maybe it will raise some controversy... the other is "(Land) Down Under" obviously a homage to their beloved country. This cover of Aussie's Men At Work is reworked in a hard rock pattern where the guitar solos and the 'gang style' backing vocals are cool but somehow liquify the melody of the song.

Mystery, subtitled 'Is Here To Rock', works as a rock 'n roll ode to the glory days of hair metal transported into the new millennium with the intention to conquer a young audience. Their debut "2013" is a really well crafted product focused on anthemic songs and catchy choruses.


But while the marketing target is the pre-teen / teen niche - I've seen pics of 13-year old kids shouting at one of the band shows - every gray hair or bald-headed fan of this genre will enjoy "2013". Simply because the guitar licks, the cowbell, the gang choruses are the same effectively used 25 years ago, and more professional than you expect.


Someone said cliché? Who cares? I love and support this type of products, because instead of a girl/boy band, this kind of rocking outfits will bring new faithful young listeners to the Melodic Hard Rock field.


Very well done, fun and recommended for young people between 12 and 99 years.

01. 2013: A New Dawn
02. Raise Your Fist
03. Freedom
04. Nonstop To Nowhere
05. Test Of Time
06. On Fire
07. Rock ‘n Roll Forever Be
08. Lost In Time
09. Stand Up And Shout (DIO cover)
10. (Land) Down Under (MEN AT WORK cover)

Rocky Ravic – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Kris Iaccino – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Josh Scarpaci – Bass, Backing Vocals
Tony Mlikota – Drums, Backing Vocals


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I saw Mystery at Rocklahoma... Super nice guys. Despite their young age, they have actually been together for awhile. They band does have very good on stage chemistry. Some really good songs on "2013"... It is a really solid release but for me it lacks a certain punch. The potential is there for this band to grow and possibly release some top-notch stuff in the future.

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Was there another thread here for these guys? I was looking forward to this, thought they had a bit of potential. Upon listening to it, I could give or take it. The first 3 songs after the intro are all pretty decent, with 'Freedom' being my pick of the album. And the last 2 covers are okay. But for the most part it's pretty average hard rock / metal.

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