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Magnus Karlsson (Last Tribe) - Free Fall


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Magnus Karlsson (Last Tribe, Primal Fear, Starbreaker, Allen/Lande) releases his new album 'Freefall' on June 14th through Frontiers Records.

Personnel: Russell Allen (Symphony X, Avantasia), Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear, Gamma Ray), Tony Harnell (TNT, Starbreaker), Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, The Codex), Mike Andersson (Star One, Full Force), Rickard Bengtsson (Last Tribe), Herman Saming (A.C.T) and David Readman (Pink Cream 69, Vodoo Circle)



'Free Fall' (lead vocals: Russell Allen)
'Higher' (lead vocals: Ralf Scheepers)
'Heading Out' (lead vocals: Magnus Karlsson)
'Stronger' (lead vocals: Tony Harnell)
'Not My Saviour' (lead vocals: Rick Altzi)
'Us Against The World' (lead vocals: David Readman)
'Our Time Has Come' (lead vocals: Mark Boals)
'Ready Or Not' (lead vocals: Magnus Karlsson)
'Last Tribe' (lead vocals: Rickard Bengtsson)
'Fighting' (lead vocals: Herman Saming)
'Dreamers & Hunters' (lead vocals: Mike Andersson)
'On Fire' (lead vocals: Magnus Karlsson)


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Free Fall sounds great

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I plan on buying this soon and expect to love it since I loved Allen/Lande, Starbreaker and Codex as well as Primal Fear although he hasn't been in that band long.

I about went by this thread when I saw Last Tribe in the headline since I forget about that band and it seems so long ago he was affiliated with them after the Allen/Lande discs became a big deal.

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A strong album, comprised of many powerhouse singers, and to my surprise, Magnus himself delivered such a magnificent vocal, but kudos to the soaring vocal of Tony Harnell on the sensational ballad, 'Stronger', Rickard Bengtsson of Last Tribe on the 'Last Tribe' track, Karlsson vocal on 'Heading Out' - a brilliant song as well, and Mark Boals at 'Our Time Has Come', but basically almost all singers gave their best here and I'm pretty much satisfied with the performances.


The only song that I think is kinda weak is 'Not My Saviour', but the rest are very solid, around 8 - 9, though I didn't have anything that's worth of 9.5 or 10, but maybe the 'Stronger' acoustic track deserve a slight higher score than the original full-band version, I just think it's more heartfelt. Musicianship is a solid 10/10, production is also very nice - should fall around 8.5, and replay value is 8.5, and the reason I can't give more than that is half of this songs are fast-paced power metal tune and I found it's a moody thing. This disc just shot up to my currently rotating top 10 and perhaps will secure a spot there by the end of the year.



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    • How did I not think of this one?! Brilliant album and the project just tanked afterwards...
    • I don't. Hate it with a passion. Even that is so 1986. Retire Tesla please. You are an embarrassment now.
    • Tracklist: 1. Super Fine Sugar  2:48 2. Drive It Like I Stole It (featuring Berton Averre of The Knack)  4:25 3. Cherry Cola (featuring Jon Auer of The Posies)  3:50 4. Ex Machina (featuring Jesper and Jacob Binzer of D-A-D)  3:40 5. Pay My Rent  4:25 6. Dirty Earth (featuring Tony Harnell)  4:16 7. Take Me To The River  2:47 8. This Means War  4:36 9. Trouble (featuring Brian Forsythe of Kix)  5:00 10. Clown Parade (featuring Jon Auer of The Posies)  3:36 11. Zero At The Bone    4:46 12. Rattle The Cage  4:42 Band members: David Shaw - lead vocals, bass George Giannoulis - lead guitar, vocals Alex Rude - guitar, vocals Erik Fehrenbach - drums, vocals Produced by Streetlight Circus Recorded at Snake Mountain Studios - Monroe, New York Mixed and Mastered by Bob St. John for PDQ Productions Bio: Born in New York City, raised on rock ‘n’ roll, Streetlight Circus has become a fist-raising juggernaut.  With two independently-released full-length albums and one EP, consistent touring in the United States and overseas, invites to major American rock festivals, and bills shared with countless venerated artists, Streetlight Circus has become a name synonymous with the new wave of hard rock. The band's new album, Super Fine Sugar, represents a huge leap forward for the hard-hitting quartet. Streetlight Circus showcases the urgent songwriting and soaring vocals of David Shaw, the fiery and passionate guitar work of George Giannoulis, the thunderous drumming of Erik Fehrenbach, and the smooth rhythm guitar work of Alex Rude. What’s more, Streetlight Circus has captured the attention of industry stalwarts who have eagerly participated in the creation of the new album. The songs were mixed and mastered by Grammy-winning producer and engineer Bob St. John. Guest appearances are made by Berton Averre (The Knack), Tony Harnell (TNT), Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow (The Posies), Brian Forsythe (Kix), and Jesper and Jacob Binzer (D-A-D). Streetlight Circus has been invited to rock thousands at festivals such as Rock Fest (Wisconsin), Rocklahoma (Oklahoma), Rock N’ Derby (New York), Wolf Fest (Colorado), and the M3 Rock Festival (Maryland) among many others. The band has managed to comfortably fit on bills featuring bands as heavy as Avatar, Anthrax, and Megadeth and as accessible as The Doobie Brothers, Buckcherry, and Night Ranger. In 2018, Streetlight Circus embarked on a successful headlining tour of the United Kingdom taking them from Wales to Scotland and many British points in between. Supercharged and ready to roll with Super Fine Sugar, Streetlight Circus is prepared to rock stages around the globe. Don’t miss your chance to rock under the band’s big top. It’s a show you won’t want to miss. Watch the video for "Dirty Earth" featuring Tony Harnell at the link below  https://youtu.be/08_IuFTqwTM  
    • warrant?? CP and DED destroy the debut imo. 🤷
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    • Such was commonplace around here years ago. 
    • That's an oxymoron-even KarpetRyd knows that !  
    • Checked this out....not too bad but not sure how memorable it'll be. There's a few tunes I thought sounded pretty good after my first listen and do think Ronnie sounds excellent on the album  Songs like Scream and Shot in the Dark both stood out to me a bit.  I thought Last Man Alive sounded decent too. Much of the rest kind of feels like it falls in line with the first 2 singles that were released.  It's kind of heavy which is cool but just not coming off as being that catchy or memorable initially which was sort of my same problem with the last album.   We'll see what happens with more listens.  Here's a link to the whole album:  
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