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AOR - What Sophomore Slump? Best Second disc...

What 'Sophomore Slump'?  

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None of these are any of my favourite discs, but I'd definitely have to go with Night Ranger. That's a great album and what got me into the band. Always loved 'When You Close Your Eyes.'

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Night Ranger for me. Following 'Dawn Patrol' was never gonna be easy and 'Midnight Madness' is probably not as good, but I still love virtually every song....esp 'Rumours In The Air' and 'When You Close Your Eyes'....2 of my fav NR songs.


I also have to add that HS 'The Big Prize' is very good and the only album by that band that I actually rate.

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Very close between Loverboy and Honeymoon Suite. Both fantastic second albums..HS by a hair


Out of the others.. Shooting Stars 2nd was way way behind the mighty debut..Night Ranger..Both brilliant but I still rate 'Dawn Patrol' over 'MM'.. Zebra.Great debut..Good follow up but their best is their 3rd album '3.v' which is a mighty disc. Foreigner..good album but not as good as the debut..or '4' for that matter.

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Yeah I like all of them, and it is very close between Loverboy, Night Ranger and HMS --- but The Big Prize is just incredible. Have to go with Honeymoon Suite on that one (even if 'New Girl Now' may be their best song, that debut isn't as consistently great as this second one).

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Tough choices, but I'll go with Midnight Madness. That is, if the point is to choose the best second album in relation to that band's first album, not in relation to the other second albums listed (cuz that would be an even more difficult choice to make).


Although NR's Dawn Patrol was meatier, Midnight Madness had more good songs overall.


The same could probably be argued about the other choices on your list as well, but I think Midnight Madness was NR's high point, so that was the deciding factor for me.

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