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Harem Scarem reunion in the works?


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HAREM SCAREM - Reunion Shows In 2013?


Rock Hard


In recent weeks a press release has been circulating announcing the disbanded HAREM SCAREM - who called it quits in 2008 - have plans for European live dates in late 2013. Initially dismissed as bogus information because no details were offered beyond a list of the band's catalogue material, BW&BK has received confirmation through a source very close to the band that something is indeed in the works for next year.


Stay tuned for updates.


TheRighttoRock.com recently issued their latest podcast (episode #144), featuring former Harem Scarem vocalist Harry Hess. Harry took time out of his busy schedule to discuss his latest solo CD, Living In Yesterday. Harry also discusses what he does when he's not making his own music, as well as the possibility of a Harem Scarem reunion.


Listen to the podcast at this location.


Best known for spending 17 years as frontman of Harem Scarem, one of the most well known and respected melodic hard rock bands to come out of Canada, Harry Hess has been redesigning his career as music producer and songwriter.


After the band’s decision to stop recording more albums, the next natural step for Harry was to start working on a solo album which he has been expertly crafting little by little in his Toronto studio. Still the songs included on Living In Yesterday are the result of Hess’ travels around the globe over the last few years with stops in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Brussels, Nashville and Germany.


With this CD Harry intends to go back to certain sounds and atmospheres leaning more towards melodic rock music. “This record is more a continuation of where I left off with Harem Scarem,” says Harry. “I am a rock singer and it's really hard for me to open up my mouth and sound right doing any other style of music so I really embrace that now and build the production around my vocal style.”


The musicians featured on the album include his former Harem Scarem bandmates Pete Lesperance, Creighton Doane and Darren Smith, Tommy Denander, Marcie Free (UNRULY CHILD), Howie Simon (JEFF SCOTT SOTO) and Magnus Karlsson (PRIMAL FEAR) among others. “This whole record was built on the co-writes and on the collaborations I have been doing all around the world the past three years,” continues Harry. “There were some great writers involved and it was fun to try new things but still make it work with what I do.”


Frontiers Records released the new HESS solo album, Living In Yesterday, back in August.


Living In Yesterday includes the following songs:


'Living In Yesterday'

'Reach For You'

'It's Over'

'Don't Leave Me'

'What If'

'Nothing Lasts Forever'

'Falling Down'

'I Live For You'

'I Don't Wanna Want You'

'Where To Run'


“I've never a big fan of my own work but there are few songs on this record that I feel are some of my best to date,” concludes Harry.


The title track, 'Living In Yesterday', is streaming in full on Frontiers Records webradio and on Harry Hess' Facebook page.

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