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Chase The Ace - Rock Bottom Rocknroll EP


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Israeli based band Chase The Ace plays music influenced by AC/DC, Van Halen & Mötley Crüe. Their sixth release and their first sung in English, 'Rock Bottom Rocknroll' was released at the end of last year.

Listen to the whole EP below.







1. The Cat Is On The Loose

2. Rock Bottom Rocknroll

3. California

4. Bring You Back

5. We're Taking Over

6. Take Me Home



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Sounds good - I'd like to check them out. Israel, hey? That'd be a first, wouldn't it?

No. Don't you remember the band Crossfire? They released the excellent 'Dirty Games' cd back in 2007.


I certainly do remember that band - LOVE that CD. Dying to hear a 2nd one from them. Yeah, I forgot they were from Israel.

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Samples from the new album 'Hell Yeah!'




1. The Stalker
2. Set You On Fire
3. Hell Yeah
4. Fortunate Son
5. Desert Rose
6. Bad Seed
7. Full Throttle
8. Dead Man Rockin
9. Out Of Reach
10. Sharp Dressed Man (Feat. Richie Faulkner)
11. Still Got It
12. Prisoner In Paradise
13. Running As Fast As I Can (With My Eyes Closed)



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