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Houston - II


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To be released in September.






1. Glory

2. I'm Coming Home

3. Return My Heart

4. Talk To Me

5. Back To The Summer Of Love

6. 24 Hours

7. On the Radio

8. Losing

9. Just Friends

10. Believe

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Anyone else got hold of this one yet?. Like the fist album, it's sugar sweet, feel good 80's Retro AOR, but perfectly done. Some great tunes on here, ('Back To The Summer Of Love' you'll be humming months afterwards), with a lovely production job too. Check it out if you haven't already.

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Well did this take me by surprise. I always considered these guys a fairly average AOR band, and then from out of nowhere they come out with this masterpiece.
I agree with Jez about "Back to the Summer of Love", a brilliant mid-tempo anthem in the same breezy AOR style as "Need Her" from the last H.E.A.T album. In fact, I would use the H.E.A.T reference on a lot of these tracks - especially on their "lighter" moments. "I'm Coming Home" is another stellar track, just perfect AOR like something straight out of 1989. Then you have "Talk to Me" with one of the most perfect choruses of the last few years. Stunning. "On the Radio" on the surface sounds like generic AOR, but is anything but - this is another stellar AOR track, the verses and chorus pure genius.


I just can't believe it, but I'm giving this one the full score - a perfect 100%. OK, maybe I wouldn't call every song a masterpiece, but the good ones are just f*cking brilliant and overall it's a very consistent release, perfectly produced, mixed and performed by all involved. Thumbs up!

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On the contrary, I found this is still a good album but pale compared to the debut. I rated the first one pretty highly but it slowly creeping down over time, but maybe this one will slowly walk upward, who knows. Three strongest tracks here that's worthy around 8.5 are 'I'm Coming Home', '24 Hours', and 'Believe'. And then 'Back To The Summer of Love' is slightly below that, still a great track, and followed by 'On The Radio' and 'Just Friends'.


'Return My Heart' could be most average tune here, 'Losing' has average verse but pretty cool chorus, not bad though. 'Glory' makes a decent opening tune, perhaps they should switch 'Summer' to be the first song. Production is quite solid but I think I'll ended up spinning the first one more frequently than this one.



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Really enjoyed this one. I personally much preferred it to the debut, but still need some more spins. First impression is a great AOR disc.

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    • I must admit my first reaction was to vote NO but on reflection, people are making good points about digital only releases and while I will not be buying those releases, there isn't a good reason to not have them on the site as long as they are clearly labeled as digital only....
    • of course they should. IMHO. otherwise soon this excellent database of music will get out of date. 
    • heard this on FB earlier. I've loved everything these guys have done, and great live. Virtually guaranteed to be near the top of my albums for 2022 
    • What is your definition of a "Glam Band"?   
    • If properly labeled as such, I don't see a problem. 
    • How old are you?
    • Yup. Meant Keeling. My bad.  Will come up with some more.
    • No issues with the health care system in Australia could be because you have been locked down for the last 2 years and haven't really had to deal with the same level of infection.....congrats, sounds like your politicians have it all under control 
    • Asking because I received an inquiry. It seems we revisit this issue every few years, but the state of the industry and opinions change, so it doesn't hurt to revisit the issue. I know that the main HH site is focused primarily on physical media releases, but as the world goes increasingly digital, if we limit the database to physical media releases only, we run the risk of being increasingly irrelevant (even more than the musical genres we love already are). I personally don't see a problem in including digital-only releases in the main site DB as long as: They are authorized, i.e., released by the band or a record label. No fileshares, torrents, etc. They have cover art, They are clearly labeled as a "Digital Release" in the listing. See this example: https://heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/glamcd.cgi?BandNum=53&CDName=Leppard on the Loose Thoughts, suggestions?
    • I wonder that too.  I know I saw some interviews with Ronnie where he said the band hadn't really been active much since COVID started.  But that was back when his first solo album was dropping earlier this year.  Haven't heard much since that. This 2nd solo album sure seems to suggest the band is probably on hiatus or something.  Or at the least no new material is very imminent if this is where Ronnie's focus has been.
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