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Hard Rock Hell - AOR

Big D

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The Hard Rock Hell Festival in Wales has been jogging along nicely for a few years now so the promoters have apparently decided to expand somewhat.

HRH AOR is a new two day event near Rotherham, Yorkshire 6-7 April next year.

Line up so far:

Saturday Sunday

Tesla Skid Row

FM Kip Winger

Danny Vaughn Uli John Roth

Jeff Scott Soto Moritz

Romeo's Daughter Ten

Vega H.E.A.T

Dante Fox Serpentine

JettBlack Nubian Rose

Dynazty Osukaru

Miss Behaviour Stampede

Escape Barbe Q Barbies

Estella Newman

Mia Klose Knock Out Kane

The Morning After Summers

Worldsend Buffalo Summer

Spill Sixteen

I'm sort of tempted, although it's a bit of a trek from where I am

website here: http://www.hrhaor.com/information.html


Ticket prices do seem a bit high mind you.


Thoughts? Comments?

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Yeah shame Rotherham is over 200 miles away :-(


Means huge travel / hotel costs which makes the whole thing unaffordable :-(

Car share, Travel Lodge, etc? Just a thought...

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If I read the site correctly, the same guys are also doing a Prog festival at the same place on the same dates. How that's going to work is beyond me but looking at the lineup, Uli Jon Roth is doing that too. So I'm thinking it's a case of "While you're over here..."


Here's the HRH Prog site: http://www.hrhprog.com/line-up.html

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