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FIREFLY 10th Anniversary Special


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by Tami Katzoff (@tvtamijo)

At 10pm on Sunday, November 11, Science Channel will premiere its “Firefly” reunion special. Like the Joss Whedon series it celebrates, “Firefly: Browncoats Unite” is a labor of love.

“I’m a huge fan of “Firefly” myself,” says Bernadette McDaid, Science’s VP of production and executive producer of the special. “It was originally conceived as a bit of a birthday present for me.”

But McDaid isn’t the only Browncoat in her office: Everyone involved with the 60-minute special is passionate about the series. “Every frame is crafted with love, across the board,” McDaid says. “It’s been an incredibly uplifting and inspirational experience to make this film and to be working with so many people who believe in it.”


“Browncoats Unite” marks an important milestone for the short-lived but long-adored series. “It’s the tenth anniversary this year, and we thought it would be a huge coup for the fans if we would be able to get the primary cast and crew back together again to celebrate what’s become a sci-fi phenomenon,” McDaid says.

Most of “Browncoats Unite” is devoted to a reunion discussion which was shot right before Joss and Co.’s epic panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Present that morning were Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Summer Glau, Sean Maher and Adam Baldwin, as well as executive producer Tim Minear and story editor Jose Molina (Morena Baccarin, Jewel Staite and Gina Torres couldn’t make it to the ‘Con because of their shooting schedules, so they appear in the special as individual interviews. From the core cast, Ron Glass is the only absentee).

Seated around a wooden table crafted as an homage to the communal dining area aboard Serenity, the cast and writers reminisced about their various “Firefly” experiences, from the first days on set to the show’s cancellation. Some stories might be familiar to fans; others were revelatory to even the cast members themselves.

The hour’s last act is comprised of footage from the Comic-Con panel, and that’s where the really big emotions come out. Five thousand lucky fans witnessed it firsthand, and the rest of us had to settle for live blogs, tweets and shaky amateur video. With “Browncoats Unite” we can all properly see the tears of Nathan Fillion as he remembered his greatest gig and the sweet humility of Joss Whedon as he reacted to his well-deserved standing ovation.

Whedon’s message to his audience that day is echoed by the creators of Sunday’s reunion show. “We wanted to give a shout-out to the fans, and give them the credit that they are due for keeping this alive for ten years,” says McDaid. “It’s because of them that 'Firefly' is still flying.”

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MTV News producer Tami Katzoff presents The Weekly Whedon, a column exploring all corners of the Whedonverse from "Marvel's The Avengers" to "Buffy" and beyond. Assemble your reactions in the comments section!

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did anyone watch Castle this past week? it was a non stop Firefly reference. it was so awesome. check out the thread on the Castle IMDB page for all the references that was tossed around starting with a murder that took place at a sci-fi convention and the murder happned at the short lived sci-fi show that lasted only 12 episoeds before being canceled and even Castle is talking about good sci-fi shows like Star Trek, Battlestar and "that Joss Wheedon show"

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there was a lot of stuff that was very suttle. Creavers instead of Reavers. you had the lead actress real name Fry (Kalie Fry) you had a boyfriend names Simon. A moon called Arial and the list just goes on and on. it was like sitting there going "what is next". Beckets blue gloves, show being turned into a motion picture. Then you had the other sci-fi stuff going on, including the star trek stuff. it was just awesome from a fanboy standpoint

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Watched the 10th anniversary reunion show last night. Absolutely fantastic! Man, do I want them to do another movie/series...


Seconded!! I cant believe with its popularity that no network is willing to give it another chance. ESPECIALLY SciFi. Instead they go with Wrestling? WTF is that about? :taz:

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    • Given this 3 or 4 spins now and it's a really good album. Pretty sure my comment above was referring to My Favourite Enemy which I now really like. Stand out track for me. First listens can easily be off. But pretty much every so is a keeper for me. Only problem is that if above 5/10 means the song is a keeper, most of the songs are a 6 with a few 7's.  So good songs, but not much that really pops out as killer tracks.
    • Been listening to this later and it's pretty good. If I'd heard it back in the day I would have loved it, but hard to hear it now with the same vibe. Very Babylon AD sounding on some songs.
    • Appreciate the support and enthusiasm for the title. In ALL past releases I've fought hard and at times with the artists and rights holders to release something I as a fan would want to buy - and that includes original artwork, track listings and bonus material etc.. (had some good fights over those).  However, in this case, I fully agree with the guys. Its just not feasible to release and promote something called Sex Crimes in 2023. Politically correct, woke, reality...it just is what it is. The band has felt uneasy over the title for some time now. We will endeavor to make the release as true to the original apart from that title and a fresh take on the artwork. Apologies for the right-wing comments, that's my immediate reaction when I start hearing cancel culture stuff.
    • Yeah, I felt that Auslander was having a go at those who are easily offended, not Andrew.  I think the wombat got the wrong end of the stick.
    • This makes my brain hurt. You literally cannot win in this day and age.    
    • Bringing politics into a post about a band we are all here to celebrate isn't a good look, and that's coming from me, a right winger, because somebody would like a proper real release as in the original artwork and the way we bought it in 86 isn't being a right winger, it's being a good audiophile, I too think it's absurd to finally give this album a proper release after waiting so long for it, then to completely alter it for the sake of what? it's a re-release, that is going to be bought by people who already know what it is, and not some clueless stick figure buying it on a whim, It just kind of feels like a slap in the face, primarily because we all have a semi good idea as to why it's being changed, and that isn't right wing, that's actually left wing these days, so should I not buy it cause its altered? just to make a political point? I mean since you aren't concerned about him being offended? well I guess I could be labeled "others", and I would think you'd be a bit more understanding why someone would be irked over the decision, and it aint because they voted for Trump or Biden, but if me and him don't buy it you'd be losing a sale right? you can say you don't care, but if everybody didn't buy it to make a point, then you'd care, so why play to the people who aren't going to buy it regardless? instead of the people waiting decades for it to be released? that's all he's saying, you don't gotta be an asshole. If you knew him you'd know how horrible calling him a right winger is to him, as I assure you he's not, I feel I gotta say something, I blew it off originally but since the curtain got pulled back I feel the same way he does, but I'm not gonna fight over it, and it is a valid feeling and im sure others possess it, so you can call me all the names you want, talk about my mom, or my ex, you can trash me and my politics, I welcome it, but you really don't gotta bag on somebody for being a little put off over a 1st time release and the only CD release of an album many of us here love, BTW, regardless what you say to me, I'll still buy it, and I still appreciate what your doing even if I disagree with how your doing it, cool bro. now lets here what a fascist i am.
    • Thanks 4 the heads up bro, I truly appreciate it
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