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is it hot or what?

66 mustang

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As someone else said, you can always put more clothes on in the winter, in summer you can't take them off. Although I agree that when the ladiez do it, it can be very pleasant.


We just had a thunderstorm. So far, this is my favourite summer ever.

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    • I just saw that POTF was number 1 for Jez. I'm actually surprised no one else besides me Jez thinks they're great. One of the best from Finland.
    • New song 'Dangerous Dawn'.    
    • Yeah, I prefer a top 50 too, as far too many absolute gems miss the cut in a top 10. So, in the spirit of all that is wonderful, here's the rest of my top 50, in a rough order (interchangeable, undoubtedly, on a daily basis); 11. Warrant     -    Dog Eat Dog 12. Roxus     -    Nightstreet 13. Robin Beck     -    Trouble Or Nothin'  14. Bangalore Choir     -    On Target 15. Aviator     -    Aviator 16. Europe     -    Prisoners In Paradise 17. Poison      -    Look What The Cat Dragged In 18. Blue Blud     -    The Big Noise 19. Atlantic     -    Power 20. Amaze Me     -    Amaze Me 21. Stage Dolls     -    Stage Dolls 22. Alien     -    Alien 23. Wildside     -    Under The Influence 24. BB Steal     -    On The Edge 25. Outside Edge     -    Running Hot 26. Harem Scarem     -    Mood Swings 27. Melidian     -    Lost In The Wild 28. Zero     -    Zero 29. Bon Jovi     -    Keep The Faith 30. Def Leppard     -    Hysteria 31. Tuff     -    What Goes Around Comes Around 32. Arti Tisi     -    Arti Tisi 33. Fate     -    Scratch N' Sniff 34. Winger     -    Pull 35. Casanova      -    Casanova  36. Lea Hart     -    Ready To Rumble 37. Bon Jovi     -    These Days 38. Rock Candy     -    Sucker For A Pretty Face 39. White Lion     -    Pride 40. Don Dokken     -    Up From The Ashes 41. Gypsy Rose     -    Prey 42. Cher     -    Heart Of Stone 43. Diving For Pearls     -    Diving For Pearls 44. Intuition     -    Turn It On 45. Lea Hart     -    Trapped 46. Poison     -    Flesh & Blood 47. Def Leppard     -    Retroactive 48. Eyes     -    Eyes 49. Heart     -    Brigade 50. Alias     -    Alias
    • I'm looking forward to immersing myself into these lists over the weekend.  Thanks guys!
    • Here's a couple from the KILLER "Lust Boys" album "Tall Glasses and Short Skirts". I really love this album. Definitely a hidden gem. Pure Sleaze.       
    • Agree with Geoff, a very average album, a pass for me.
    • Yeah like the new one, 2 from 3 for me.
    • Gotta say, I really dig the heavier edge some of these tunes have.
    • 3 for 3. Will we have an early favorite for album of the year?
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