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FOX - 2012


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Honestly, I'll put it out there that this is pretty crap. I do enjoy Shakra to degrees, but a fact is a fact and the fact is that Mark Fox has a terrible voice. And although Shakra was styled to that style of vocal, his voice should really never be heard elsewhere, including this CD. When the best song on the CD is BY FAR a cover of a song that wasn't that great in the first place - 'Beds are burning' by Aussie band Midnight Oil - you know you're in trouble. I like that song quite a bit and the rest is pretty harmless hard rock (with bad vocals) but I'd have a hard time recommending this CD to someone.

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I've heard this one too. I'd say it's average at best. I didn't find anything on it that was worth a 2nd listen. "Nothing Without You" is a halfway decent ballad. But like Geoff says, Mark Fox doesn't really have the right voice for it. He manages ok on songs like Shakra's "Why", but it doesn't work here.

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'my first impression view the other day'


A good hard rock album but not more and nothing really special, some strong tracks, some average tunes, good riffs, predictable pattern, you've-heard-it-many-times-before type of album. Several songs that I like here are 'Nothing Without You', 'Anytime', 'Home Again', and 'We Are All'. Other tunes like 'Problem Child', 'Beds Are Burning', and 'Down Down' are quite okay too. 70-75%

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