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songs that mention Van Halen

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my daughter loves Miranda Cosgrove. the cd's are ok for what they are. I'm ok with it because it could be Bieber. Her mom thinks she likes Bieber but she doesn't listen to that cd at all but is always wanting Mirands Cosgrove cd's. Can't tell women anything, they are "always right". anyway we were coming back from Dance Class last week and this song came on and I had to skip back and listen again and yep, they mention Van Halen in the song.




hey, It's Hank Jr. Before Garth was blowing up country charts Hank Jr was just a big, just didn't have the sound scan to prove it.

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This is the biggest tribute to VH




My mind went here immediately!


"Is this what you wanted, SAMMY HAGAR! Sammy Hagar! I'll never buy your lousy records again......."


Excellent band and an excellent tune! Their tribute to Courtney Love is a classic!

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