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Wal-Mart drops the ball on this one.


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I know I'm old and cd's are a thing of the past but not everyone downloads. I went to my local Wal-Mart today and they did not carry the new Van Halen. My wife asked the electronics manager why they didn't have it and he said he had no clue. He had been asked the same question about 40 times.


I would have bet my left nut they would have it, lucky for me I didn't make that bet with anyone.


Sad for us cd lovers, when one of the most popular bands ever, makes a huge comeback with the original singer and the cd can't be found at one of the only places that sell cd's. Brutal!

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if they didn't have it they just didn't have it out or couldn't find it. We had 82 come in. against my better judgement I set up a feature of Stereo's and put it in and am playing it. As a matter of fact, Walmart has an exclusive buy the cd and get a T-Shirt set that we got in also.

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