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Here's a hilarious movie, maybe one of the funniest movies ever made, but for whatever reason went highly under everyone's radar, not really even known by most people, well im here to tell you guys, if you have never seen this movie, you'd do yourself a great injustice not checking it out, I consider myself to have a fairly great taste in comedy's, and when I saw this movie in the theater back in 2004, i honestly left with my voice being hoarse from laughing so hard, and to you that have seen it, and those that are going to, its shocking to me that when discussing it with people who have seen it, how many of them never catch what might be the funniest part out of any movie ever, is there anybody here that's seen it, that didn't catch on to the band playing at the graduation party? the song Scotti Doesn't Know? how fucking hilarious is that whole spin up? I swear I was the only one in a full movie theater laughing uncontrollably at Scottie Doesn't Know, it's like I was the only one who even picked up on it, check this brilliant comedy out.

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Great movie, I went out and bought the DVD as soon as it came out. Sooo many funny scenes in that movie. The part on the bus when they are discussing how close together the countries in Europe are and the one guy says "that's why France and Germany have always been such great allies" and the other guy nods his head in agreement and says "ayy".


Excusee...excusee... :rofl2:

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I never thought about the fact that dude does look just like David Spade! what a trip, see this is a great example of how casting and finding the right actors is historic, Ive always said in comic books turned to movies, or video games, that the best formula is to find an unknown actor or actress, cast them, and you will have the baddest movie you can make, i.e. The Punisher with Thomas Jane, not this shit like Tobey McGuire trying to convince me he's Peter Parker! This Movie cast 3 completely unknown male actors, and 1 pretty much unknown female actress, though shes far more known then any of her male co-stars, in the grand scheme of things, she's a nobody, while making excellent use of tons of mega superstar actors in cameo roles, none of the main cast is known, they did an excellent job finding killer actors for the lead roles, they are funny, believable, and Scottie, well he doesn't know (so don't tell Scottie)


Lyrics to Scottie Doesn't Know!


I cant believe he's so trusting, while Im right behind you thrusting

Fiona's got him on the phone, and she's trying not to moan

it's a 3-way call and he knows nothing!!

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Aside from being a hilarious movie, I think one of the coolest things is now watching Justified and seeing what a BADASS Cooper Harris ended up being. :lol:

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