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Naughty Jane - Hard Time


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Found this HERE:


This was a band I formed with my great friend J.D Lee (drums) back in the late 80's when we were working the Philadlephia , NJ & NY club circuit opening for Cinderella, Britny Fox and Heavens Edge on a regularly basis. If you were there I am sure you can remember just how great of a time it actually was. Naughty Jane was the only original rock band in Philadelphia to ever sell out the cell block back at the peek of the bands success in 1992. This band was playing NY city regularly showcasing for major lables and in 1992 we were fortunate enough to land a development deal with Atco records. Unfortunately, we became victim of the alternative trend that was moving in taking the music industry by storm. Naughty Jane became a casualty of this as many succesful bands did during this time. Naughty Jane was showcasing at the world famous China Club meeting most of our idols every Tuesday night in Manhattan. It was at this time I was able to meet some of the people that inspired me as a child like Warren Demartini from Ratt, Ace Frehley from Kiss, Andy Timmons from Danger Danger, Jimmy Page, Steve Stevens from Billy Idol, lita Ford, Fletwood Mac, Rod Stewart and Warrant just to name a few. This was surely one of the most memorable times of my music life. Check out the video and see some of the great times unfold. This was shot by one of the best in the biz and well before his time, Matt Porter.

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Cool tune and I'd love to hear more recordings from these guys... but I have to say it. That is probably the most awkward filmclip I have ever seen in my life. The intro is the most cringe-worthy thing I have ever seen, and the performance part of the video is a collection of awkward glances at the camera... wowser... it's just got awkward written all over it. Nice tune, though.

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Great song, did they ever release anything?



WOW.. Now there is a band I forgot all about. I'm pretty sure they had something for sale when I saw them outside of Philly at the Cell Block (cool club). I can't remember who I saw them open for at the Cell Block, it may have been KIX.

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