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Sheriff asks ATF to look into rock star Tommy Lee and friends shooting


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Sheriff asks ATF to look into rock star Tommy Lee and friends shooting outing in Rowan


SALISBURY, NC - Sheriff Kevin Auten has asked the ATF to look into a recent event in which members of the Salisbury Police Department, Spencer Police Department, and Rowan County Sheriff's Office arranged a shooting outing at a local gun range.


The outing included rock star Tommy Lee and several members of his band, along with the law enforcement officers at the Rowan County Peace Officers Lodge.


Sheriff Auten and Salisbury Chief Rory Collins told WBTV on Tuesday that they did not believe the outing violated any laws, but since some concern had been expressed, they wanted it looked into by the ATF.


Tommy Lee has been in trouble with the law in the past, charged with several felonies including the assault of his former wife, Pamela Anderson. Lee was sentenced to six-months in that case after pleading no contest.


The former Motley Crue drummer was also placed on unsupervised 18-month probation and fined $161 after pleading no contest after reportedly instigating a riot during a 1997 concert at Greensboro Coliseum. Lee and a band mate allegedly poured beer over a guard's head and suggested to the crowd to attack him.


Lee avoided arrest in 1997, but returned in 1999 with his attorney and was served with charges of felony riot with ethnic animosity and simple assault, a misdemeanor. He pleaded no contest to simple assault and was sentenced to probation.


According to the North Carolina's Felony Firearms Act it is against the law "for any person who has been convicted of a felony to purchase, own, possess, or have in his custody, care, or control any firearm."


"Nonetheless, because this situation involved Police Officers, and because there were allegations of "possible" wrong-doing, the ATF was asked to take a look into it to make sure the officers had done nothing wrong," Chief Collins told WBTV in an email. "Each department is also doing their own independent investigation."


Lee's official web site features several pictures of the rocker firing guns under the headline "Shooting guns in North Carolina." The date on the pictures is July 19.

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"Peep dis, yo. I'm mo' gangsta than you fo shizzle!"

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What is that? Motley Crue etched in the side of a Glock? Yeah, He is mo' gangsta than me. :lame:


Dat's da Official Tommy Lee model Motley Glock... now on sale at the merch stands at all their shows. :D

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Nothing unusual about this incident.


After the Steelers returned from the Super Bowl 3 years ago against the Cardinals some select members of the team celebrated by shooting guns with local law enforcement. And yes... more than a couple had criminal records that forbid them from owning or handling a gun. Add on top of this... The guns that were used were being held by the police as evidence in both robbery and murder trials.


Seems as though this Tommy Lee incident isn't really anything new. I guess the only difference is that with the Steelers the outing was with their local police department and Lee's was with a state where he doesn't reside.

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