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Guess the race..?


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Before watching this video,,, guess the race of these people.


Teens Planned Mass Shoplifting Spree




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If only these teens could've used the power of the Flash Mob for goodness instead of evil.


"Sheeeeiiit, my baby mama done gimme a long ass shoppin' list. Where da teevee's and runnin' shoes at, yo?"

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:whistle: LOL


Over the past 2-3 months Ive been seeing a Lot of videos like that. AND the overwhelming majority of people involved ARE Black. You can say what you want but I bet a majority are also low income/poverty level, uneducated, unemployed and with no or little adult supervision/positive influences in their lives.


Inner city slums and low income project areas are breeding grounds for the drug infested, overwhelming crime statistic areas of America. It will NEVER get better. NEVER!! Because to few care, and to few do anything about it.


MANY will disagree with this but a almost sure fire way to stop the problem is reinstate the Military draft. It changes people. It makes them better Americans.Better members of society.A 2-3 year tour in the Military will teach them respect, discipline, honor and a trade. ANYONE and everyone between the ages of 17 and 30 should serve their country. It would be good for them AND America. Imagine if that happened. How much the crime rate would drop. And how it would impact drug trafficking on the streets.


I spent a lot of years in the Military and I saw how it changed some bad people into responsible and good citizens. But like most good ideas too many politicians would fight it for one excuse or another. :(

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There are plenty of white criminals out there, and more often than not, they are the more vile and deplorable (most serial killers are white, so what does that say about white people?), so race shouldnt even be an issue.

As for military service, that certainly isnt for everyone. Just because it has turned some bad people good, doesnt mean it does that to everyone.

I have seen plenty of people in real life, and read plenty of stories of ex military people being bullies because they think they are special having served their countries.

I've also seen plenty of people with issues due to stress from the military.


For some people it is definetly the right thing, but to put everyone through it just does not work.


Look at it this way, if some teen gang banger goes into the army and actually learns how to use a gun, what use is that to society if he then returns to his old ways when he leaves?

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I never said anything about what race of people planned this spree. IF YOU HAPPENED TO GUESS BLACK.. THEN DON'T BLAME ME. :popcorn:


I simply posted a news story... :quagmire:

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