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New Guy...Melodic Buzz Radio Show...

Guest Melodic Buzz

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Guest Melodic Buzz

I have been visiting this site (HH) for MANY years and have met Dan (The Man) a couple times at Ultrasound 2000 and 2001. But I never checked out the message boards until recently. :screwy:


Anyway...I know I will catch crap for this (and I well expect to since this is my second post) but I wanted to let people to know about my radio show. :baneed:


It's called The Melodic Buzz and it airs Saturday mornings @ 10am PST (and repeats Wednesday and Thursday @ 11pm PST.) on KBUZ The Buzz in Prescott Valley, AZ. But you can check it out online @ www.zonarocks.com :banger:


I think there are a few people that frequent this board that I chat with on Facebook. If you head over there you can join us @ www.facebook.com/melodicbuzz


Anyway I plan on posting here and joining the conversations but wanted my first post to be this information. BTW...any advise or suggestions are more than welcome!!




Johnny G. :ahole:


Here are a few examples of playlists from past shows:


Vega – Kiss Of Life

Ten – Strangeland

Treat – Paper Tiger

House of Lords – Ghost Of Time

Waysted – Heaven Tonight

Jaded Heart – The Journey Will Never End

Strangeways – Danger In Your Eyes

W.E.T. – One Love

Danger Danger – That’s What I’m Talkin’ About

Shark Island – Paris Calling

Westworld – I Belong

Hardline – Hot Cherie


Pink Cream 69 - Seas Of Madness

First Signal - This City

Guffria - Call To The Heart

Eden's Curse - Eyes Of The World

Unruly Child - Very First Time

Dare - Wings Of Fire

Foreigner - Give Me A Sign

Lillian Axe - Show A Little Love

Place Vendome - Cross The Line

The Sign - Aryon

Takara - Just Like Yesterday

Steelhouse Lane - The Nightmare Begins


Whitesnake - Here I Go Again

Bob Catley - Children Of The Circle

Baton Rouge - Walks Like A Woman

Outload - We Run

Harem Scarem - Afterglow

Journey - Never Walk Away

Autograph - Dance All Night

Dokken - Heart To Stone

Lita Ford - Falling In And Out Of Love

Hurricane - I'm Onto You

Nelson - Call Me

Krokus - Screaming In The Night

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Welcome. If only other radio stations played your play list!

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Guest Melodic Buzz

Welcome. If only other radio stations played your play list!



Thanks for the welcome guys. AWESOME!


I figured the only way to get the music I like on the radio was to get my own show. I have been in radio for 11 years but mostly on the other side of the mic. Now that I can play whatever music I want though I plan on keeping it going as long as possible. So few radio stations would have the balls to play half the stuff I get to play and I'm proud to say the station and the P.D. couldn't be happier with the show. I am looking to getting it on other stations as well so if there are any out there that you guys think might be interested please feel free to let me know. Also...I am more than happy to take requests or suggestions. Best to you all! B)

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