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Broncos hire former Panthers coach John Fox


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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP)—The Denver Broncos hired former Carolina Panthers coach John Fox on Thursday to resurrect a downtrodden team.


Fox's contract wasn't renewed by the Panthers following an NFL-worst 2-14 season. He replaces Josh McDaniels, who was fired Dec. 6 amid the Broncos' worst slide in four decades and the embarrassing Spygate II videotaping scandal.


The 55-year-old Fox went 78-74 including playoffs in nine seasons at Carolina. The Panthers were coming off a 1-15 season when he took over in 2002 and led them to a 7-9 mark in his first year before guiding them to the Super Bowl in his second season.


Fox arrived in Denver on Wednesday to meet with new Broncos chief football executive John Elway after his flight out of North Carolina was delayed three times this week by winter weather. He was the fifth candidate interviewed.


Denver is coming off a franchise-worst 4-12 season.


Elway wrote on Twitter in announcing the hiring Thursday that Fox "is a dynamic and proven leader who will energize our entire organization."






John Fox isn't a bad coach, he just became very "stale" in Carolina. Plus, the Panthers have never been an organization willing to spend the $$ to remain at the upper end of the NFL.


With that said, I hope Denver either has, or picks up a dynamic offensive coordinator, or you're possibly in for some BORING ass football. Fox has been VERY conservative the last few years, and I can't tell you how many times I've cursed watching the Panthers do their run, run, pass, punt offense. He needs an OC who will challenge him, and mix up the play calling, which he did not have here in Carolina. On the other hand, if you prefer a rushing based offensive attack, he's the coach for you!

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I'm no expert (believe that or not?).. But I think Fox is a pretty good choice.


Or I should say.. A pretty good choice if you are Denver. You have Elway, who in all likelihood has no idea what he is doing in the front office. You have a owner who loves Tebow (reminds me of the Titans) which may tie the hands of a new coach. Fox likes to run the ball.. with Tebow at QB that may be the way they have to go anyway. One thing Tebow can do for sure is run.


I'm not sure that Denver was a destination that was desirable to many coaches. I don't think you were going to be able to bring in a Gruden, Cower, or Billick. Harbaugh wasn't interested in coaching in Denver. I'm guessing Fox may not have been the first choice... maybe the only choice.


Teams want to have a coach in place as soon as possible.. They need to prepare for the upcoming draft. I've hated Denver since that little wussy Elway strong-armed the Colts. I just have no respect for the guy. I hope Denver sucks forever, especially with Elway in the offices. I do like Fox and hate to root against him... But I will now.

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While he wasn't my first choice I'm okay with this. He had success in Carolina and took a 1-15 team to the super bowl in two years. Plus he's a defensive minded coach who likes to run the ball, which is something under Mcdumbass that was missing.


I did think that former Bronco assistant and current Texan O coordinator Rick Denison had the inside track here since he stated he wanted to bring back the Shannahan zone blocking running game and I was all for that. So I would be all for this guy be the O coordinator.


I hope that Fox doesn't bring in all of his old assistants and grabs a great D coordinator like bringing Mike Nolan back to Denver would be nice.

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