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Loud Crowd - st


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Released in 1992.




1) The Natives Are Restless

2) Cant Be Tamed

3) Love The One Youre With

4) Hate And Soul

5) Always Be Mine

6) Foolish Pride

7) Liars In Love

8) TV Babies

9) Grandmas Boogie Shoes

10) Gone But Not Forgotten


What's their style ? What it's value ? Is it any good ?

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Hey Peter, I can upload this for so you can listen to it for yourself, just let me know. I'm not sure who I would compare them to but it is very good melodic hair metal/hard rock. I think this does tend to get on the expensive side.

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Wowser, if I can book a carriage on this train too it sounds like something I wouldn't mind hearing too. :)

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Definitely one that should be in the HH database......What a tremendous addition to any collection. It has a great production with killer guitar work, great harmony vocals and excellent songs in the vein of the boys from KISS. I love this CD which oozes glam in their sound and presentation. Their version of Stephen Still's "Love The One You're With" should have been the one we remember!!! Do yourself a favor and give this one a home in your collection, you won't be dissappointed!!!

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Definitely one that should be in the HH database......


...and indeed it is: http://www.heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/glamcd.cgi?BandNum=1472&CDName=Loud+Crowd



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